All native tournament website...?

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“Celebrating 44 Years of Racial Exclusion”

I guess you are going to have to marry an Native Princess, get adopted into a tribe, and be granted a chance in the tournament!

aint that the truth.

It’s f’n ridiculous.

It’s never been challenged, has it?

I mean it’s only racially exclusive because nobody’s ever called them on it. It’s like having a whites-only golf course. If no black guy ever asks to play the course, then it will always be whites-only.

Seems to me that it would be a pretty easy charter case if a team was not allowed to play based on racial grounds.

I think you’ll find, though, that it is a tournament of villages, or something along those lines. Or it’s an invitational tournament. Sort of like saying that a BC-only hockey league is discriminating against teams in Alberta.

Are you kidding? This is Tsimshian territory. If people who aren’t of First nations decent have an issue with a tournament that should be seen more of a cultural tradition and expression of pride… then why live here? I’m sure you could move to somewhere else so you dont feel so discriminated against.
I’d say it’s kind of pathetic that you’re complaining.

First of all, I’m not complaining, I was explaining some possible reasons for it being “all-native”. Maybe you’ll want to go back and re-read what each person has said.

I’m not complaining, since I don’t play basketball.

The question is, of course, would they refuse a team if it had a non-native player? Have they done so?

They do let people play. You dont need to be Aboriginal to play. It’s the All-Native Basketball Tournament because each village play against each other. No where in any rule does it say that someone who’s white can’t play. If you went to watch a few games… I’m sure you’d see that.
However, you’re also in no position to say it’s discriminating considering you’ve most likely never seen a game (or you’d know that anyone can play) and this is the land of an aboriginal nation. I can’t see in any aspect or perspective how it’s excluding anyone.

What’s with all the negativity? It’s just basketball. I’m sure if a non first nations team wanted to play it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Its a good excuse for a certain cultural group to get together. Whats the big deal? I wish people would stop being so petty.

I enjoy watching the games.

Well id have to agree with adkins on this one, i mean if you hate it so much…then don’t talk about it…its not a big deal. and if you really have a problem…go talk to some one who runs the all native … i’m pretty sure nobody will care what you think…considering where the land claims are :bulb: …!!! :smiley:

I wouldn’t say its negative. I consider it offensive for someone to say what is seen as a cultural get-together is discriminating.
I take pride in the ANBT and not because it’s “only” first nations people. It’s fun, it’s fair and it’s a great way to express pride people have in their nations.
They wouldn’t allow some… highschool basketball team to play simply because it’s not a tradition. The point of the ANBT is simply for the nations and villages to compete. Not just random teams who feel the need to play.

I used to get bent out of shape about it but its a pretty silly thing to see fault in. Adkins is right, I’m pretty sure the only part where ‘native’ has any traction in the rules of the tournament is that each team is from a ‘native’ village, or has some ties to a certain band or village or whatever.

Quite frankly, I think its pretty cool as a cultural thing and I guess I dont see this aspect because I dont like basketball and dont go see the games, but I’d be interested in the cultural aspects of it.

I was actually looking to see if there was any rules about vendors and stuff. Are you an insider Adkins? or just a dude.

this seems to bother a lot of people, i can’t help but wonder why?

Well, I used to live on a reserve where I had more of an active role in the tournament. Except… I live in Rupert now. I just go watch a few games now, I used to go to a lot more.

I have found that people here on HTMF (not all mind you) blow their top over alot of things like this, including religion (common) and obviously other social issues. Personally I rather just not worry about it and let the First Nations people have there fun over the course of the tournament.

I agree with that one. I dont think it’s something to get overly rude about… but I do take offense to it because I hear a lot of people whine about it like it’s some big racist event. I dont see it that way and I dont think most people are in any position to say anything.

speaking of the all native tournament… anyone hear anything on how that native guy from van died behind the pac?

Um… that’s kinda rude. But he over dosed on heroin and the people he was with got freaked out and brought him there. Fucked up, hey?