All Native coming to PR this Weekend

Should be an interesting week with all the rowdies coming into town.
Anyone going to watch the games?

You betcha. The womans division isnt nearly recognized as the mens and its too bad because they are great players. I would like to see the 2 Rupert teams battle it out for 1st place again. This year I would like MAC to win. For anyone who does watch the games look for MAC team and give them support!!

There are so many Rupert girls/ladies playing for other teams, like Aiyansh, and Lax Kwala’ams (sp?), it’s tough to root against them too.  My neice is playing for Aiyansh.  They should be pretty strong. 

I wish I had time to watch… I love walking through the Civic during the All-Native and seeing all the people, looking at all the crafts, and of course watching the games too.  But of course I’m at work a little bit more often this week :smiley:

Who are the favourites to win in any of the categories this year?

I am going for Metlakatla Crest. They are a hard working team who show great sportsmanship. I hope they do well!!

Rootin’ for Haida Gwaii teams this year, they’ve got some great players.

I haven’t attended the Civic to watch in years, just listen on the radio. I’ve gone years ago and I couldn’t tell you who won, I only remember all the fights … to much for me!  :astonished:

I heard on the CBC radio a number of weeks back that some if not all of the games are going to be available via webcast however I can’t remember who is providing this service, they are from upcountry though.

Kispiox should be strong again this year I’ll be rooting for them. They did beat Rain last year, hope for a repeat but in the finals this time around.

I think you’ll find the games webcasted through this site:

or maybe this site, not sure which is the better bet:


thank you

yea i wanted to go to some games but im workin basically every day this week i hope i can atleast go on thursday … blah i duno whatever… go greenville  :smiley: oh and ahousat …

It’s funny.  I was never much of a basketball fan, or even a sports fan for that matter.  So whenever the All-Native tournament came about, I never really cared.  Heck, half the time I never even noticed.

But now that I’ve been away for over 11 years, I kind of miss it.  I like the idea of people coming around from all over the place to meet on the hardwood and push each other to the limit in a good, hard-fought game.  Add to it all that cool ceremonial stuff and the sense of tradition and it all adds up to something really cool.

Maybe one of these days I’ll go back and check it out.  Then again, I’ll have to get myself a job where I can actually choose when I go on holidays!  :neutral_face:

I love having all the people around it would be nice to see more sports, namely Hockey.  I love any tournament.  But with the ANBT it would be great to see some of the Old powerhouse teams revitalized, like Kitkatla.  Any team from the Northwest for that matter.  Good luck to everybody.

The restaurants in town are doing well this week, I was in Galaxy Gardens on Monday.  It was packed with happy people.  The ANBT is a good thing for PR businesses.  :smiley:

The ANBT is a good thing for PR businesses.  :smiley:[/quote]

Not just a good thing… a GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT thing :smiley:

We’ve been running our asses off for the past 5 days, and hope it continues.

Don’t have time to watch or listen, updates would be appreciated. This is what I have so far…

Skidegate Masters vs Metlakatla Alaska… Final score 60 - 56 for Skidegate Masters
Skidegate Masters playing again tomorrow (Thursday) 2:30PM

Masset Women’s team took a tough loss to Ahousat, score was 37 - 7  :astonished:

Masset Intermediates vs Ahousat - another loss for Masset with score 61 - 83
Masset Intermediates play Hartley Bay today

Massett Masters won the game against Gitwinkshilkw
Massett Masters play Kincolith today.

Check the website below

The section that says Draw Order has the schedule and scores for all divisions…