All Native Basketball tournament Rascist

I think they should change it to Traditional Native basketball tournament, All is to Strong, its almost like saying Only. The name sounds like its there’s, there idea, no one else welcome.

I think the All Native Tournament has been around enough for everyone to figure out that everyone is welcome.
The merchants of Prince Rupert must get stoked this time of year. I would imagine alot of money gets spent, that normally wouldn’t this time of year.
And geeez… some people can not just let go and leave the tournament be the way it is. Natives have the right to get together and be proud of their athletic abilities and compete against one another(without feeling any shame of who they are and where they come from.)
This is the highlight of the year to some people who never get a chance to come to urban areas. Let 'em have fun.
Skin is just a shell, we are all the same in the inside.

( Best of luck to all the athletes competing this week!! :smile: )

Did you know most the money spent by the all native tornament is at food stands run by people from out of town?

Did you know that you don’t know what you’re talking about??

Everyone is intitled to make a buck, who cares where they are from?? If they are going to put in the time to be prepared to have a table in the auditorium, they have every right to be there, regardless of where they are from. yngwie_69 if you are so bothered by it, you could pay the deposit next January and buy a table for yourself; that way you’d up the amount of “Rupert people” that was making a dollar there. If you aren’t willing to do that, then shut the hell up.

I know A LOT of the ladies that sell things down there, and one of them even visits this site regularly, and yep, they’re from out of town. But what difference does it make? If they have a craft or handywork that they want to share with everyone, then so be it.


I bet McDonald’s makes a lot of money.

lol selling mc fishwich’s


i think we should all be proud of the all native tournament! first of all there is the money aspect of it all. how many people come into town for the tournament? its awesome for our economy. ya places may be a little crowded with people but in the long run who cares its money, money that is being put back into the community. second i think that the native people deserve to have a sport that they can showcase their athletic abilities and be proud of themselves!

Sometimes I wonder. Then just as quickly I accept it.

and whats with all the racism?

Wasn’t there a long discussion about this awhile ago?

Way to go asshat

Well put.

I think they use the word all because they’re calling “All Natives” from every place in the world to come play. Of course, not everyone goes, but a large amount do! Try thinking of it in those terms and it probably won’t seem ‘exclusive’ anymore.