All Candidates Forum

I know several people on htmf have been wondering about the All Candidates Forum.

I just got an email from Shaun Thomas at the Daily News regarding the All Candidates Forum. 

It is being co-sponsored by The Northern View and Chances.

It will be held at the Chances Convention Centre at 7:00 pm on Nov. 9th. 

I hope that everyone is able to attend.  I look forward to hearing people’s questions and concerns.

thanks for the info!

Thanks for the update on the forum, though unless he’s changed papers Mr. Thomas still works for the Northern View I think. I’m sure you meant to write that, just had the Daily on your mind (perhaps a letter to the editor is in the offing) :wink:

As for the venue, it sure gives a whole new meaning to the term political gamble though… :smiley:

Podunkian, please get down from your soapbox.

Was that an insult? He was just helping the woman out…

uh see eccentrics note above, and man I never thought I’d be writing those words here.

Good one Podunkian - someone insults you, and you insult a third person.

OK, King of Animal Farm, exactly when did i insult anyone, even eccentric would admit that he and I have a healthy little debate club happening here. Hence my commentary.

As for the original post that seems to have soured your day, I was simply putting Mr. Thomas at the right paper, while trying to inject humour with a reference to  Anna’s last correspondence with the Daily News.

No malice, no inuslts, if you’ve followed the threads of my past commentary on the hiring issue, you’d probably have noticed that I’ve found her approach to the issue to be refreshing, rather than just bitch in a bar, she actually took action.

Sorry you didn’t understand… maybe check with her and see if she is offended, or better yet she can contact me directly and I’ll explain to her…

eccentric seemed to realize where I was coming from, hope I don’t get banned by offending a moderator or anything… :unamused:

Some people are just a little bit sensitive… :unamused:

Thank you Podunkian for pointing out my mistake.  You’re absolutely right.  Shaun is from the Northern View.  No offense taken.  I appreciate it when people tell me I messed up so I can rectify the situation. 

Also an apology to Shaun for the mix up.  I know what paper you work for.  I guess I was anxious to let people know and mixed the papers up.  Hopefully no harm done.  :smile:

I kind of figured that is what had happened, Good Luck in the forum, I hope you are successful in getting your thoughts about how to improve the city and its governance across…

The All Candidates forum will not be televised. Too bad they (Chamber of Commerce?) moved it from the Lester Centre where Citywest is set up to televise such events.  Perhaps another group will sponsor another all-candidates forum to ensure all citizens, even those who can’t or won’t go to Chances can see the action.  Too may groups are being enticed to Chances by the offer of “free” space, but we all know Chances gets paid by all those folks who go upstairs and drop a $10, a $20 or more…

The Chamber of Commerce organized the federal all candidates forum. I’m pretty sure “they” have nothing to do with the municipal one.

The Chamber of Commerce is not involved with the All-Candidates at Chances. My apologies for suggesting they were.  I’m glad to hear there will be another all-candidates forum on Wednesday, Nov. 5 at the Lester Centre and it will be televised on cable. 

The Daily News has sponsored the “All Candidates Forum” in the past…

The Daily News has one foot in the grave and I will be surprised if they make it one more year the way things are going there!

I’ve been hearing rumours of a second All Candidates Forum on Nov 5th at the PAC however as of yet I have not received any official word on whether or not this is happening. 

If anyone knows anything for sure I would appreciate hearing it. 

I certainly think having a televised event would be beneficial for the whole community so that all of those who can’t attend the event can watch it on cable 10.  I’m not sure if that’s possible from the Chances convention centre but hopefully that one will be televised as well.

As of right now there is supposed to be a candidate training session on Nov. 5th sponsored by City Hall for all candidates running for council.  This would potentially be in conflict with an all candidates forum being held that night.  I wrote Mr. Rodin and told him that I had heard there might be an all candidates forum on the same night and he said he had not been informed of any at that time.

Hopefully we’ll all find out soon.

Greetings everyone, it’s Shaun Thomas here. I’ve created this login to separate news-type posts from The Northern View with my own posts.

Just thought I’d add my two cents. As soon as we decided to try and host a forum (being held November 9 at Chances beginning at 7 p.m.) I called CityWest about broadcasting it. It’s still a work in progress, but I hope to confirm everything in the coming days and will do everything I can to let everyone know what’s up. It likely wouldn’t be broadcast live, but I spoke with the person in charge of Channel 10 and they said if it was recorded it could be aired in the evenings leading in to the election. 

At the moment 12 of 17 candidates have confirmed their attendance and I will be making calls to the rest tomorrow to follow up on the initial invitation that was e-mailed out.

And AnnaA there was mention of an all-candidates forum sponsored by the Friendship House on November 5 in the weekly Community Announcements e-mails from Michael Curnes, but I haven’t received any other formal notification of it in my travels.

Hope that helps. Take it easy everyone.

Just got the official invitation for the all candidates forum on Nov. 5th at the Lester Centre.  It is being sponsored and hosted by  the Friendship House, Gitmaxmak’ay Nisga’a Local Society.

It will go from 7-9 pm and will be televised live.

So to sum it up there will be two all candidates forums- on on Nov 5 from 7-9 pm at the Lester Centre and one on Nov 9th from 7-9 at Chances convention centre.

In addition for all those interested I believe there will be a forum being held at the Lester Centre for those running for School Board Trustee on Thursday night, Nov. 6.  I’m not sure of the exact times yet, although it will probably be similar to the other two events.

Hope that clarifies things for everyone.

Greetings all, just a bit of an update.

I spoke with CityWest and they have confirmed that the all candidates forum at Chances on November 9 will be recorded and will be aired at five p.m. and eight p.m. on Wednesday (November 12) and Thursday (November 13).

Hope this helps, and please pass it on to anyone who may not be able to attend.