Alice, I Think

Are you guys watching this show?  It’s set in Smithers ( maybe this forum should be renamed to Northwest BC).
It’s based on the writings of the author of Miss Smithers.
I am giving it a try today.

ya too bad its not filmed in Smithers.
Filmed on location in Vancouver and Langley, British Columbia, Alice, I Think is based on the series of novels by Nanaimo writer Susan Juby. Originally published in 2000, Alice, I Think was one of the rare books loved by both teenagers and adults.

I watched one episode, and it didn’t seem too much like Smithers to me – they had a Smithers police department, for example, not the RCMP.

Yeah, I watched one episode and it sounded like cliché stuff to me.  Very one dimensional characters (vegan mom, stupid-but-fun dad, smart asian friend).  There were some funny moments but it wasn’t that good.   

Hey, the forum name automagically changed!  Wow!  Can I have two other wishes?

( I guess I forgot that I could probably rename it myself)

Smithers isn’t as green as the setting for Alice, I think suggests, but it’s still good.

Weird that they’d make the show BASED in Smithers though, I wonder why there?

Smithers can be pretty green, just not at certain times of the year :wink:

I think the show is based on a series of books?  If so, the books were set in Smithers.

Yep, and I believe the author of the books is from Smithers as well. What a coincidence :smile:

That Monkey pic, was that you who painted that on our school wall cause its cool.

No I didn’t.  I took photographs of two pieces of graffiti art.  The TV set image is painted on the brick wall by the skateboard park.  I think it was by a former PRSS student ( Cuthbert?).  The chair is on the CHSS wall.  I’m sorry but I don’t remember the name of the student. A little Image Ready animation and I put the two together as I thought it would be very symbolic. 
I actually would like to know the names of the two graffiti artists so I can give them proper credit.

If it’s a Boy Cuthbert than it may be Andy, if it’s a Girl Cuthbert than it may be his unicycling sister? Caitlyn? Katelyn? Kaitlin?

I might be making this up though? :neutral_face:

Yes they did do a bunch of background filming in Smithers. Friends are extras in it. But it is not filmed on location there, just the town settings. They dropped a few mil into the local economy this past summer doing the parts they filmed there.

I can’t really see a Canadian production dropping a “few mil” by doing some background shooting in the summer. More like several thousand.

If im right, the artist that drew the monkey at chss was Man-Ted.


That’d be some good boost if it is true.

Not when when there is a Chief involved…

i seen that show not too bad…