Ajaye praises Herb Pond

Now that is just funny…

Yeah Hoser I have to agree with you on that one, in my eyes he is just setting the trap for the First Nations vote for the next election. He knows that in the last election they would not even offer him Fried Bread. I am sure he is really the best thing for our childrens future and a Pillar in the community, excuse me while I clear my throat.

herb is a good man he is a go getter
,he will make this deal happen and
the first nations and Rupert will prosper.

Watson Island Poetry:

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13.2 million?

I heard Herb got fired.

They have posted his job as Housing Administrator.


I’m going to go for the janitor job. I am good at filling things in.

Um,wrong,just wrong

Are you sure? Because I would make a good fill in janitor.

Well as for you being a fill in janitor,  I do not know, but I do know there is a posting for housing administrater because the former guy got voted into council last month, so he had to vacate his position.

herb is the man to lead this area out of its troubles.


Er, Herb was the man in charge during much of our troubles, not that it was all his fault but sheesh, a little reality there dude. More than a few questionable moves during that reign.

So what makes you think Hollywood Herb had anything to do with Port Simpsons bid?When he was mayor he was totally hopeless,but he looked good,too bad the new crew at city hall is no better.Was hoping it would be Canpotex…

ajaye46, have you just got off the train or are you just trying to climb the foodchain like some other folk envolved with the city. Herb is not the man, his smile never did shit for this town but maybe make someone moist. He is a copy of Gordo not to be trusted.

I’m not a longtime Rupert resident, so I don’t know much of the recent history…but I think it would be foolish to pin the hopes of all of the local communities on any one man, especially a guy like Herb who is, from what I have heard, famous for saying one thing and doing another (or nothing).  I like the guy to talk to, but he does’nt strike me as any kind of messianic figurehead who will lead the area out of its economic woes.  Its up to the people on the ground to make changes to how we do things.  It’s nice to have the big players drop big projects here but you can’t count on that…I would love to be able to subscribe to Ajaye’s vision of an economic utopia just around the corner, but the sad truth of the matter is even when something big happens, it’ll take a long while for the effects to be felt by most working Rupertites. 

Imagine, however…if you will…a conquering, crusading army led by Herb.  And consisting entirely of Ajaye.  Together, the two of them will sweep our economic woes into the harbour and usher in a grand new age of unparalleled prosperity! 

i have known herb pond for awhile he is a church
going man,a family man he works hard to help our
city as a mayor and a citizen we need a man of god
to lead us to the promise land.

ajaye46, Herb Pond doesn’t levitate off the ground nor perform miracles…

Be cool of he did. We could have travel with West Coast Amusements, who I believe to be the front runner for the property.


going to church does not make you a good person. nor does cheating on your wife make you a good family man .