Airport hoping City will borrow $2 million on its behalf

Airport Manager Rick Reed said the Prince Rupert Airport Authority is spending hand over fist to band aid old infrastructure. … 19099.html

Tough decisions ahead for a city that frequently defers things, seemingly waiting for someone to find a pot of gold to solve all their troubles.

Is an airport infrastructure project something that they can afford, combined with all the other debt problems that keep multiplying around here?

Hopefully, city council comes out of its cocoon and starts to explain to us what should be our priorities and starts to re-address where it spends our money, as there are big questions that are on the horizon and a financial base that seems rather shaky at best.

There’s no shortage of places that could have been cut back in the past to free up the money for these necessary improvements, not to mention the saga of Watson Island and its never ending legal challenges.

hold your horses here…

enough is enough…declining population, decling tax base, more pressure put on the existing tax base and ypr is wanting an extra $ 2mill from the city.
I think the airport already costs the tax payer $1 million a year minimum.

I say we put the money over to a regional airport and fund a bus going to terrace for evry flight.

I as a tax payer do not want to drop another dime into the airport…

If that’s the case, then I like to see:

  1. The 146KM stretch of 16 should be upgraded to the highest safety standard, and perhaps have at least 3 lanes.
  2. Bus should not be a barebone Bluebird model if they’re going to offer shuttle services. (At this point I don’t think City Hall can afford that)

Otherwise I have problem with that. Especially when it comes to winter.

But yeah, I’m not surprised at the possibility of the Airport closing down. Imagine if YPR and the City had improved airport access years ago the airport wouldn’t have problem attracting businesses and financially sustaining itself.

trade citywest to telus for a new airport. Problem solved.

You need to run for city council, that is a great way to solve this problem…

One thing good about a regional airport is that Air Canada may bring in regional jet service, instead of Dash equipment. Who knows maybe even West Jet would consider our area.

As far as time goes so much time is wasted back and forth to our Airport and waiting around that Terrace Regional Airport would be just as fast to get to and from.

The problem is that winter road conditons are a huge problem. As was mentioned extensive road improvement would be needed. I agree as well that up graded buses would be needed for Terrace Regional Airport Shuttle Service. Maybe people would just have to make their own way to the Airport. Other small remote towns in other provinces have distant regional airports and you have to get yourself there.

Quoted for hilarity.

a brand new bus fully loaded costs maybe $750k,well below wat the ferry costs for a year.

the only reasons visits have been maintained is cause of the richie ritches coming in on a 2x per week basis…and thats only at about 30-40 pax a week.

time to cut the nipple of the bottle and quit feeding a cash cow.

its not worth my property taxes going up and up…most people go to terrace on a monthly basis anyhow.

the time it takes to get from the highliner to digby airport is usually 45 min …and then u have to sit and wait and wait…

not worth it folk…until rupert blossoms economically close the cash cow…


You need to run for city council, that is a great way to solve this problem…
Quoted for hilarity.[/quote]

Being that I actually agree and consider that a funny yet humerously, inventive and positive idea: I am quoting this for triple hilarity.