Airplane question

I’m too tired ( or lazy) to search effectively for the following information:

What is the cost of aviation fuel ( per litre) for something like a Boeing 737?

I know there are a people here who have an interest in aviation so if anyone care to help me by sending me to a good site.  It’s for a school project.


It depends where you’re buying it.

Average price in November 2006 in the USA, in Canadian dollars was about $1.30 per litre for “Jet-A” fuel. 

Since that was an average, real prices were lower or higher depending on location. (lowest recorded was 80 cents/L, highest was $1.60).

I’d expect Canadian prices to be similar, but with a wide range as well. 

You can’t really shop around for aviation gas unless you’re at a larger airport (and then you can play multiple companies against each other).  In smaller markets in Canada, the same problem hits the aviation fuel retailers as gasoline retailers – they all use the same supplier so there isn’t any real competition. 

So you’re more likely to get cheaper prices at larger airports that are served by more than one refinery.

That’s from about 15 minutes of looking around – there are numerous sites with US aviation gas prices, but I didn’t find any Canadian ones.

Thank you MiG,

I found the same problem with finding only american websites but couldn’t really find one with good info on prices.  Could you please post the one you found?

The flight school I went to had a deal going with Shell, which saved them a few cents per L or something. Larger outfits probably do the same sort of thing. I have Husky, PetroCan, UFA and Shell cardlock cards for my truck. My previous employer pushed us to use PetroCan when we could, because of a lower cost. I use UFA when I can for other reasons.

Aviation 180LL through Shell was about $1.05-$1.15 for self serve if I recall…