Air miles deal of the week

Help yourself and maybe help the food bank as well.

Kellog’s cereal - buy five get 60 airmiles.

BUT on some of the selected packages there are free coupons for more cereal.

Cut out the coupon and go “buy” five more for free.  Get 60 more airmiles. 

Unfortunately the free coupons are for cereal that didn’t have coupons for more cereal so you can’t do this ad infinitum.

The packages I got had coupons for 750 ml of yogurt or some amount of bananas.

So for less than $20 you get 10 packages of cereal, 120 airmiles (worth in my estimation at least $30) and five coupons for free yogurt.

Then, give some number of the free boxes to the food bank.  Each box you give is a box plus free yogurt.  Everybody wins. 

(I am at the stage of life where things like this excite me.)   

Excellent Excellent,Sounds like the making of a Viagara commercial…

I have given up strolling and antique hunting.

 buy 3/ 12 double rolls of toilet paper for $ 5.99 each, and recieve 80 air miles…
 do the math…
 donate to ajaye cause he’s full of shit… :wink:

if you need a card i have extras ill give you one  :smiley:

Thank you!!! I will donate the cereal, and keep the yogurt!!! :smiley:

Thank you DWhite for the info as I don’t shop in there as often as I used to and the cereal to the foodbank would be GREATLY appreciated !

  lol…so do I… :imp:

maybe we could start a small store just trading in what we buy at safeway for airmiles heh?  I have TP, kleenex and papertowels cause I wanted the 80 airmiles…and yes, donating to the food bank is a excellent return for your airmiles.