Air Canada layoffs

anyone else hear the rumor about Air Canada handing out layoff notices to all their employees in Rupert?

All their employes? There was a rumour a few months ago that they were closing their Rupert base, perhaps the writing is on the wall with West Jet on the way etc in Terrace
Often wonder how long Digby Airport is viable. The cost of that Ferry is a heavy burden. They are continuing to sell seats well into the future though…

I hope that this rumor is not true. … t-airport/

If you read down further into this article it mentions Rupert and Smithers, its a not a stoppage of service, they plan to contract out the work… sad as that crew at Jazz in Rupert is fantastic …
Maybe the bus company that does the outside work will be doing check in etc…

that means Jazz will no longer run the plane for Air Canada, and more then likely Air Canada’s new regional airline will be flying up here when the new contracted workers take over and more then likely at minimum wage since that is all Air Canada’s new regional pays.

found it interesting that Terrace and Sandspit were not mentioned … Sandspit was always thought to be a place that service would be halted… … award.aspx

Contracting out of 8 bases above the wing:
YXH-Medicine Hat
YPR-Prince Rupert

Contracting out all grooming:
Contract out Ramp:
YVO-Val D’ore
YUY-Rouyn Noranda

It is interesting that even with West Jet’s Encore coming to Terrace that nothing is changing there… I still don’t think the market in Terrace can handle 3 Carriers booming or not.
It will be great for people to have through connection fares to a full network of west jet not just air canada. You can bet Encore is paying out low wages etc too.

it will happen in Terrace as well, any city that Air Canada uses Air Jazz to service will be changed over to their own carrier, they are not going to contract out to Air Jazz, so Terrace will be on that list

What will become of Jazz?

Nothing is going to happen to Jazz, they are just contracting out services. Saves them money.

jabber is saying that any place that AC uses Jazz they are going to change it to their own regional carrier? that I dont get we will still be flying in the same Jazz planes but contracted out ground workers seems more likely… thanks gracie’s mom thats what it sounded like to me