Air Canada Jazz

Always be prepared when flying out of Rupert. Bring with you a large coffee, your breakfast of some kind, cause you’ll get no real food on Air Canada, and small blanket for the frigid bus ride on the ferry, (my mom is in her 80’s and she was VERY uncomfortable) Perhaps the city could arrange to have the buses warmed  before picking us all up… hhhhhhhmmmm that would be a customer service that might impress the visitors too.
Next, what is the point of the bus driver taking it off the plane, then getting you to grab your luggage from him at the luggage pickup counter and then go outside and stand in line ( usually in the cold wind and Rain) and reload back onto the bus again???
All our bags have gone through security in Van. and nobody has handled the bags since then so …WHY…
Hawk Air takes care of all your luggage right to the Highliner. This airline also offers the Province and good coffee and muffins or fruit,in flight service is awesome in comparison to A.C.Jazz
Hawk Air does not offer Air Miles yet, so I have to fly with A.C.
WE have the best Air Canada Jazz staff, always willing to help make things better…thanks
Just wish the big airlines would quit taking the little comforts away from the customer.

Ahhhhh…But don’t you love the Rice Krispie treat they hand out to you with your oh so delicious, tepid, tap water coffee and tiny container of sour cream…Yummo !!!  I wish Hawk Air would offer Air Miles also…Great service and staff…Nice lunch on Hawk last time we travelled down, sandwich and fruit…Really good  :smiley:

When an elderly, infirm or small kids are travelling, you can take private vehicles on the ferry instead of folks taking the bus.  Charge is $5 for the vehicle.  We’ve done it several times over the past couple of years.  Head down to the ferry loading area at the same time the bus is loading at the Highliner.

Yes, Hawk is more pleasant to travel…and usually a better price!

You got a Rice Krispie square…  :wink:

I asked one of the Airport bus drivers today " WHY " are the buses not warmed up prior to picking us up at the Highliner… and the answer is:
It takes a half hour or more to get the damn thing warmed up, and it costs alot to fuel the old buses, so they get in, pick you up, and turn it off on the ferry( required I know), and off to the airport… not even enough time to feel any heat in those old buses…ugh…I try really hard to be possitive when I fly outta here, but I’m getting tired of crap services…aren’t you???

Just beware that you are not guaranteed a spot on the ferry and you may get stuck on Digby Island until the next ferry. Which will be several hours or overnight. If for example there are contractors working at the airport and they want to leave on the same ferry there could be a problem with space. The buses, luggage truck, and some airport staff get priority. After that it is first come first serve.  If you miss the last ferry you can get a water taxi for 150$ + and will have to return for your automobile the next day. Something to prepare for if you decide to drive.

skipped a groove. If you couldn’t drive on the last ferry you could still walk on, or any ferry for that matter.

If the city ever decides to buy one or both of the old Albion ferries, finding a spot would be less of an issue.

It’s long, wide, faster, and even have a passenger compartment compared to the smaller slowpoke we got here.

Aint gonna happen.  Unless, of course, you think 3 oz is a large!

I grew up in Maple Ridge (family still lives there), but I don’t recall a passenger compartment on either the Kulleet or the Klatawa.  That being said, I rarely bothered to get out of my car for the 5 minute ride across the river - and I certainly wasn’t looking for a passenger compartment - my ‘passenger compartment’ was my car. :wink:

There isn’t anything wrong with the present ferry over to Digby. Certainly don’t need  a passenger compartment for the 15 min.ferry ride…
As for taking your vehicle over to Digby, and perhaps being bumped so other vehicles could come back…? would’nt they tell you first if there was space for you… I would think so.

You are right there…They will inform you of available space for your vehicle and as for employees on the Island, security etc., they normally take the bus also. Less of a hassle for them !

Not necessarily. An example of this would be a contractor that has left equipment at the airport for the duration of his contract and has finished the contract. He may bring his equipment back when you want to get on. Of course the contractor is smart enough to drive his crew and equipment to the docks as the aircraft is landing, ensuring pole position at the ferry dock. Just one example.  Plus I do not think it is up to the ferry workers to count cars. First come first serve.

There’s a good chance you will make a spot on the return trip, I just wanted to make people aware of the risk. The ferry workers are very good at cramming many automobiles on that ferry. And I agree, I think the current ferry serves its purpose well.

Actually most of them drive their own automobiles onto the Ferry. The buses only go to Digby with passengers on them. The staff has to be there before the passengers arrive… Because the airport is on an island the buses with arriving passengers do not leave until the aircraft with departing passengers takes off; this gives Hawkair and Jazz staff time to pack up and drive onto the same ferry as the departing passengers. Most of the other employees at the airport get their own ferry trips.

If the Ferry workers are aware of space limitations they will make you aware of that before you leave for Digby. But they cannot foresee when contractors or people arriving that have their automobiles already parked at the airport will need space on the ferry. 

I didn’t even know that until I saw some random foot passengers walked into that place. >.> It’s located opposite side to the bridge.

LOL true, we drivers never get out of our cars.

I miss the Albion ferry. :frowning:

You sound like an idiot and the kind of person we would not want to be stuck on a ferry or a plane with. Also one other reason my lady and I are partners. Every post we read of yours you seem to be preaching “hot air”.

Dex, I disagree with you .There has to be someone in charge of communicating how many vehicles will be travelling on this ferry. Transportation Canada has a limit to how many vehicles “can” be on the deck per trip, weight restrictions too, right. They cannot cram as many cars on as you have said.
It would concern me if they ( operators of the Digby Ferry) had no idea that there was a contractor who needs a ride back one evening, and say, my car had to be left behind…

I didn’t intend to leave the impression that the ferry workers violated the rules. They do not as far as I am aware. When you have buses that are half empty the “weight restrictions” and “number of vehicles” becomes subjective as per Transport regs.

One way to find out. Phone them up. Their number is on the Prince Rupert Airport web site. Tell us what they say.

Yes, you should do that as you brought it up… :smile:

Spider…?????? what comment are you ladies so mad about. Why do you get so defensive about your lifestyle… relax… accept who you are and ignore the people who can’t