Ah where did the Sun go?

What happened? It was darn near summer like there for a few days…

Geez I almost got to work on my sunburn… :cry:

It will hopefully be back for wednesday and thursday so we can confuse some tourists with our BLAAAAAAAZING SUN!!

LOL! Only in Rupert people get all upset when the sun goes away!

couple summers ago, I was beggin for rain… TOO DAMN hot.

I’m not begging for rain! It’s 27C today here in Victoria. Don’t look at weather network, they don’t know what they’re talking about and it’s out in Sidney.

I think the Sun came to Grande Prairie, bringing with it a record high of 28.9°C for the day. A little warm to be wrenching on a truck in heavy coveralls. My neck and hands tan is coming along nicely though. Ultra-lite coveralls are IN THE MAIL, baby!

i wish it would get sunny again dint really get to enjoy it last time…

I’ll never, ever complain about it being too hot. We have hardly seen the sun since October and I swear that I’m going to go nuttier than I already am if we don’t get some serious sunshine soon. I don’t mean for a day or two, I’m talking about two or three months worth.