Ah those wild and wacky Newfoundlanders

I’ve put this on my to do list for my blog, but it’s too neat to let slide for now.

The Vancouver Sun on the weekend had a fascinating feature on the days leading up to Newfoundlands eventual vote to join Canada back in 1949…

As anyone who has visited the place knows, those were pretty controversial days back then, with still probably half the population figuring they were hoodwinked into joining up with the “Canadian wolf”

Anyways, the Sun article reviews the call for British naval forces from the then governor of the place, fearing some kind of wild night on Water Street we suspect…

It’s a pretty neat article and one I’m sure that our resident Newfoundlander and Labradorian participants will find interesting… :wink:

canada.com/vancouversun/news … bf094445a2

Sure some fascinating history in this country (even if it wasn’t this country at the time) if we look hard enough… :smiley: