Afghanistan and Canada

A couple of interesting things to think about when it comes to Afghanistan, as read in Der Spiegel’s online English news service today:

Outside of the absolute obvious federal dilemma we face from now until 2011, what about the opium question and its implications for our North Coast?

From PRDN July 2006,

Given that needles have been found in school zones and in children’s play areas, and that drug use is an issue on the North Coast, should Prince Rupert consider a safe injection site?[/quote]

Last week we had a great debate about the suitability of the old Acropolis Manor as a detox center. This is not to bring that up again but I do wonder, from a North Coast perspective, if routing the Taliban is as big a priority as routing the proliferation of drug barons in a very unstable country?

Excellent observations, Bakerwriter!  I also share your concerns about the proliferation of easily accessible drugs here on the North Coast.  I am deeply concerned that the current Liberal government does not seem that concerned about drug abuse.
Mr. Pond, I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on this issue.

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do you really not know why that is!!!

maybe because it brings in soooooo much money for the governments that claim to be at war with drugs. it also employs thousands if not millions of workers (legal and not) would you really try to stop yourself from receiveing hundreds of millions of dollars? would you really want to destroy your nation by unemploying so many people. if you are being truthful the answer would be no.

i in no way agree with this but do except that this is just the way of the world. :imp:

our time and money would be better spent helping the slipped through the cracks people that need so much help but never seem to get it!

My suspicions are just that – suspicions. But I have come to believe in not believing in most neo-con policy. Sad but true. The morality of our war in Afghanistan is SERIOUSLY under question not because we are there but the reasons we are there.

I am no supporter of the Taliban but from a policy perspective we have to decide what our aim is in Afghanistan. Just because Opium is the major export of a nation does not mean we need to excuse it. Nor are we to feel guilty for making people poor whose nature it is to kill us for profit. If we are serious about dealing with the after effects of drug use then we also must be serious about dealing with their creation.

We have chosen to make this substance available by allowing its creation. Instead of dealing with it at the forefront, we complain when the weakest of us fall victims to it by suggesting they made a choice. However, by the startling numbers reported in Der Spiegel, we chose – long before the drug ever touched their hands – to allow them to fall. 

I agree with this part of your post, the punisher. 
Our provincial government is not at all concerned with people in our province who are disenfranchised.  People who are less fortunate should not be ignored in my opinion.

First off stop using an american term like ‘war on drugs’. You cant have a ‘war on drugs’, ‘war on poverty’, ‘war on terror’ which is why any such ‘war’ is doomed to failure immediately.

I hope people now realize contrary to government propaganda dealers are not ‘pushers’ but are simply fulfilling a demand from the public. Sure some of you can cite the case of Susie and Johnny where Johny pushed her into trying drugs but that is the minority.

Maybe peer pressure is the cause of some drug use but thats still the persons choice. They could have told their peers to fuck right off just like I did.

People CHOOSE to do drugs and to continue to do drugs.  The dealers are simply fulfilling a demand just like the booze runners were doing during prohibition.

Sure some drugs like crack are horrible, destroy lives and turn people into a drain on society. Ask yourself why we have crack and if you look it up we have it because cocaine is so damn expensive due to prohibition.

I say legalize it all and deal with the REAL crimes going on. Crackheads can be functional if they can afford their habit. I personally know a few crackheads who have jobs and manage to function in society simply because they dont need to steal, hook themselves or whatever socially undesirable thing crackheads do to support their habit. I also know a few alcoholics who cant function and are a drain on society and do far more horrible things than crackheads. 

As for Afghanistan, fuck Afghanistan. Last I heard they were on a different continent and had their own government. What they do is not our concern nor do I care. I’m not fearful of ‘terrorists’  and I don’t see how invading a sovereign country is going to create less ‘terrorists’.

If  someone did the things in Canada that we’ve done in Afghanistan I’d be a ‘terrorist’ too.

The ‘war on terror’ is about resources and frankly we have enough resources in our country to survive on so fuck em. Fuck the USA, fuck Europe, Fuck Asia Fuck em all. We don’t need them they need us and its about fucking time we grabbed our balls and told them so.

Stop sending our soldiers overseas to get killed for no god damn reason. Ridiculous.


Thaaannnk you, Jesus.

Not sure if I agree with everything you said, but I loved your post nonetheless.

I now have a clearer understanding of how the barefoot, long-haired, peace-loving roadside philosopher must have felt when he flipped out on the money changers.

Doesn’t any one find funny, the terms American’s use, “war on drugs”, “war on poverty”, “war on terror”? What is the biggest producer of money?


It doesn’t suit the government to get rid of any of these things. Terrorism is what it is because it produces money, same with Drugs, and poverty really. If we didn’t have any of it, The jobs would be gone for those people who are hired to deal with it.

It’s not to a government’s benefit to get rid of a “war” on anything, which is why, people who need help the most, live in the conditions they do. Contrary to popular belief, especially in the USA, your “government” is not out to help you.

You’re half right. Wars on X make money but not for the government. They make money for the corporations the government hires to build their weapons, feed their homeless or arrest and imprison the drug dealers.

Oddly enough those same corporations are usually owned by the governing parties. Shocking really  :astonished:

I was reading an article that USA will try and invade Canada too.

:angry: :angry: :angry:

Not going to happen in the way you think. They won’t invade us more rape and pillage our resources until our land and country is worthless.

It’s the same with the “war” on diseases. If they don’t have a cure for cancer by now, they never will, but it sure keeps the research and pharmaceutical companies rolling in the dough!

How do you invade and hold a country where the inhabitants are barely distinguishable from you?
Four Mounties with tasers could hold them off at the pass…