Adventures in TrumpLand


Agreed. He certainly does not have the temperament to be President.


and yet he is despite being a lying POS ppl still believed in him, and the republicans held their noses for him to get elected, and here we are, maybe now the Republicans in Congress and the Senate will start standing up to him and stop kissing his ass


The dog! The dog! He’s at it again…
Trump tells Pentagon to indefinitely ban transgender recruits
Trump pardons controversial ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio
President Donald Trump threatened to shut down the government if Congress refuses to fund the border wall

No end to the pig’s obnoxiousness. Pray for a Night of The Generals to save the USA


In the House of Diplomacy, the Oaf Speaks

Relatively little about Trump at the UN in the news today. Not surprised, they’d rather not talk about it, hope everyone will forget.
Recognize everyone’s sovereignty and threatens Iran, Syria, Venezuela to do what they say, makes Krushev’s shoe banging ‘We will bury you’ pale compared to Korea threats, shows the Full Ugly American illiterate’s political knowledge with his comment about ‘soshulism’…
I’d die of embarrassment if I was an American.


Chief of Staff John Kelly says it all:


A great message for autocrats around the World.







He would rather believe the Russian leader than his own intelligence services. Wow.