Adventures in TrumpLand


Thanks Obama!


Worse! He addresses Congress, so all my tv shows are reruns. Ruined my Tuesday night TV.
Now I really hate him.


The Trump Slump? Are tourists avoiding the USA?



Another Federal investigation.


The directive, which includes a 120-day ban on all refugees, takes effect on 16 March.




I knew it all along. My microwave has been spying on me. Obama knows I like to nuke hot dogs.




Trump is a top shelf con artist and a pathological liar.



Thanks Obama!!!




I have a confession.

I have never followed a reality show. A couple of years ago I was visiting a relative who did and I ended up watching two episodes of Big Brother Canada. I couldn’t understand the appeal.

My relative loved it. “Watch how manipulative she is. He’s such a weasel. Lying bastard” etc etc.

I, in my smugness, sat back thinking “you have to have something better to do with your life”.

Now here I am obsessed with the wildly ridiculous reality show being broadcast each day from the White House.

And my obsession is not politically motivated. This is not a discussion of Christy Clark and the pros and cons of LNG. This is not Justin Trudeau and the pros and cons of refugee resettlement. Nor is it Barack Obama and the Affordable Care Act or George Bush and the invasion of Iraq. Nor the hundreds of other politicians all along the spectrum who I have agreed or disagreed with on public policy.

I am watching this going: “You lying weasel. Get off the island. You’re fired.”

Sean Spicer. Kellyanne Conway. Steve Bannon.

And the puppet master himself tweeting out false accusations about the former president and when challenged about it gives us the classic TV teaser “We’ll see what comes out in the next couple of weeks.”

I’m loving it and hating myself for doing so.