Adventures in TrumpLand


A president needs to be able to face criticism. He should not lose his composure over every negative observation. Just my two cents worth.

2018: The Year in Review

Well the people voted him in so moral of story get off your butts and vote or your stuck with a trump


Very true. The Democrats will need to work hard to come back. The GOP won where it counts, the electoral college.
I suspect the next four years will be eventful.


But Trump is going to re-establish journalistic ethics.


Bonus points for using journalistic ethics and Donald Trump in the same sentence. Heh. The former mayor of New York is getting very odd as he ages. :smile:


Herr Trump could be bad for Prince Rupert and our container port.


Agreed. I also think we are entering a period of economic uncertainty. As a small investor I am readying myself for a bumpy ride in the markets.


Shares in Twitter…


Mass protests around the globe.


Hah! Bet there were more discarded pussyhats left on the Wahington mall today than there were Trumpalos attending the inauguration.

oh, I’m coining the word for fans of the Insane Clown President…


Oops, didn’t realize it was for real.


And your LNG!


Whatever… We have a propane export facility starting construction soon. Oh and allycat what we don’t have won’t hurt us, but losing what we have would be devastating for the area. (and I’m not talking about LNG)


Mr Trump was speaking after photographs were published appearing to show more people attended the inauguration of his predecessor Barack Obama in 2009.


Are u talking about Trudeau wanting to privatise the port??


That would be bad. But I’m talking about how that the majority of containers that come in to Rupert go to Chicago. Trump wants American only. It could also be bad for the BC tv/film industry.


Trudeau has never said he would privatize the port, there was a panel that was hired to find out if privatizing the port made sense and that was started by the Harper government in 2014, the completed review was finished under the Trudeau government and released to the public. then the trudeau government hired a couple banks to explore the idea further, and to report back this year


I’m still astounded that people voted this clown into office.

After just seven days of the administration of President Donald Trump, a host of measures have been enacted which threaten a myriad of constituencies throughout the country and internationally.


executive orders still have to go through congress so no real guarantee they will all be enacted, but again for all those ppl in the US that are bitching about him, how many went out and voted? for those 8 million democrats that sat on their hands and stayed home because they didn’t like Hillary or were pissed that Bernie wasn’t the nominee, the lesson is don’t take elections for granted, get off your asses and vote for the one you don’t like then let a complete moron become president, no one to blame but themselves

  1. True. But all three branches of government are now run by the GOP so Trump has a very good chance of enacting most of his bullshit.

  2. I completely agree.