ADSL Speeds

Hi.  I was just wondering what the DL speed and UL speed should be in Prince Rupert’s Citywest connection for ADSL?


It varies on the time of day.  My connection sucks right now. :imp:

Ok Hitest.  Thanks.


well, if you’re talking in terms that Citywest uses

Approximately 2.5 to 5 Megabits (Down) and 0.5 Megabits (Up)

the term I prefer -

2.5 to 5 Megabits - 312 kB/s (Kilobytes) to 512 kB/s (Kilobytes)        Down
0.5 Megabits - 47 to 56 (Kilobytes)      Up

these are speeds of like the furthest  distance from Citywest (citwest = downtown & me = jamaica avenue)

so I suppose you can say for a small town like rupert those speeds are alright :S

the pings are crap though! I hope you don’t do any gaming!

A little better this a.m.  meh

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I’d do a speedtest on dialup just for a joke, but I just realized I have no landline…

Chrisj, jus curious how much do you pay for your internet there?

Those are awesome download speeds, ChrisJ! :sunglasses:

$30  a month includes hd cable

sweet deal