Ads on htmf

If htmf is being read so often by Prince Rupert people, it’s a mystery why Rupert businesses haven’t been advertising on this site.  I saw in the little news box on the top right, that advertising here is possible. 

And it’s cheap. $5 can buy a bunch of ads right now. You can limit the ads to just HTMF, or have them on a bunch of sites in BC. That’s why you often see BC-based ads here.

On top of that, you can pay per click or pay per thousand displays, etc.

We get about 700 unique visitors a day. A large majority of those are from Rupert.

But the point of HTMF isn’t to make money.  Those ads basically pay for the connection & the server.  Not my time or any other expense. 

Yes, your time is priceless MiG :smiley:


Shit, I’d almost shell that out just to put a link to on the front page.