Adopt a Pet

I have a two year old mixed breed dog that I need to find a good home for. He’s an excellent pet and I hate to have to give him away but he plays a little too rough with my one year old son so he’d be ideal for a family with older kids.

His name is Tripod because he’s missing a back leg but he can still outrun my other four legged dog. He’s been neutered, his shots are up to date and he’s very mild mannered around people, he gets a little snarly around other male dogs though. I’ll give him away for free to a good home and I’ll deliver him to Rupert if you’re there.

Here’s a photo, post or message me if you’re interested.


Does a little too rough with young kids also mean rough with small dogs?  Also, how did he lose his leg?

He was hit by a car and his leg was compound fractured. The old owner left the dog on his porch for three weeks without doing anything about it. By the time I got him to to the vet the leg couldn’t be saved.

We have another small female poodle and the neighbour has a small female shisu and they get along great. With males though he’s very aggressive, I’ve never had him around a male long enough to see if they’d eventually get along.

Awww poor guy - whenever I see or hear about someone abusing an animal like that I just want to put the person that abused the animal through the same hell the animal went through.  It’s also why I couldn’t work for the ASPCA in NYC because they let the officers carry guns there.  I can just see it - I’d say “So, you tied up your dog and didn’t feed him for months?  BANG

Anyways - I have two small male dogs so I wouldn’t be able to take him - but I hope you find a good home for him.