Adobe Flash Help

Ok so I’ve come to the conclusion that either my computer is a P O S or some plugins just don’t like me.  I can’t seem to watch any Facebook videos, streaming tv or videos, etc etc without the video being jumpy, or just showing a black screen all together.

I just uninstalled Adobe Flash Player (with their uninstaller) and did a fresh install hoping it would help, but still the same result. 

Any ideas what other plugins I would need or anything else I should try?  I’ve had this problem for over a month now, and I want to get it fixed.

Hi:  What browser are you using?  Sounds like firefox?

I’ve tried in both Firefox and IE.  Same results.

If you reinstalled it, have you tried to unblock Adobe (remove it) from the untrusted publishers in IE?

Also, I insure to have my zone alarm set to allow shockwave.

Did you try this link:

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Last ditch effort would be to check your private messages. :smile:

Thanks for the help Cst Ferman… I can see the links on the flash site ok now… but they are still choppy. 

Facebook videos are still the same however… I can hear the dialogue, but the screen is either black, or stuck on the first image of the video.

Gosh, I wonder if its your video card(?)

First things first, check to see if it’s a Windows problem.  Boot up with a LiveCD or something like that, and see if the problem still exists. 

I don’t have any form of a LiveCD to use.

You can download Ubuntu and test it out.  Ubuntu is a live CD that’ll test to see if it is a Windows only issue.

Ubuntu- download