Activate Win Xp

I did it before, but cant remember how.  Anyone know where I can find info on this

Found this link:


Heh, okay. 
As a moderator here I’m not going to help you to activate pirated software.  Good luck with that. :smile:

yer f*cked … buy a license.

You know when they nail you, they send you an XP CD that says its WGA so you know it’s not the same as an original CD.
SO what happens? A girls Mom gets nailed for pirate copy and MSoft intimidates her on the phone into buying one. Gets the credit card and sends this WGA version.
The very next thing * the daughter does is copy it onto her computer and brings it in cuz it won’t activate online. Go to the phone activation option and as soon as you press 1 for ‘how many computer is this installed on’ it goes BEEEP!!! Disconnect… dial tone.

*like, DUHH. And she gets MAD, really mad about it.

I stand corrected…figure it out yourself!

Fawf ChrisJ…!!
Tell them all they either PAY or they LEARN.

Not to learn how not to pay…

Don’t wanna PAY? Use Linux and learn it.
Don’t wanna LEARN? Pay for a mainstream OS.

Why is everyone on this website such Mac/Linux snobs?  I don’t get it.  Let people use what they want.

I think you need to reread this thread.


I wasn’t just referencing this thread.

Certainly looked like it.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Because that wasn’t the first time I saw someone being told to use Linux.  shrug

I think people have suggested Linux as a viable alternative to Windows (me included).  I haven’t ordered anyone to use Linux…today anyway, heh-heh. :smiley:

Yea but Linux isnt as user friendly as windows afaik so telling someone with limited computer knowledge to switch to it, just doesnt make much sense to me.  Teaching them how to use Windows in a better, safer way, does though.

Anyway, pirated version?  You’re just asking for trouble.

And that’s the crux of your argument.  As far as you know, linux isn’t as user-friendly as windows?  Well, you’re wrong.  Try Ubuntu sometime.

I will stick with Windows.  Thank you though.  :smile:

Ok, nothing wrong with that.

But if you’re unwilling to try Ubuntu, you can’t really say that “windows is more user friendly.”  You choose to not try it, that’s up to you.  But you don’t get to judge something you haven’t even tried.

I’m not judging it at all.  But since you seem to have a pretty advanced knowledge of computers, what might be more user friendly for you, might not be so for someone else.

Okay.  You are entitled to your opinion.  But, the newer versions of Linux are just as easy to install as Windows.  I think you should try Linux before you write it off for other people.  Your comment about Linux was true about 6 years ago.