I am exploring the possibility of setting up a forum with my students once they get their laptops.  I haven’t decided the main purpose of the forum but it could be a questions/answers  kind of thing and maybe a way to help the students who may not be comfortable with speaking in front of the class.
So I looked around for free message boards and found a few. is an interesting one because it’s also available in French (I teach French Immersion).
I am wondering if I can have total control over members’ contributions with these kind of “Free board”.  I want to make sure that only my students are members and that I can have full admin powers.
Also, as many of you have already set up such forums,  if you have any advice about the set up, feel free to share.

French Immersion receives High Fives!

A day in the life of Charles_T:

Back and Forth Discourse followed by -
“So if you’re from Canada does that mean you speak French?”
“Well, not everyone does, but I speak it fluently.”
“Oh wow! So you’re from Québec?”
"No, British Columbia."
"The West Coast.“
"The most western Province… Far from Québec.”
"Ohhhhh! Then why do you speak French?"
Then I go on to explain just what French Immersion is and people are really impressed with the idea.

Hög fem!

Any Bulletin Board software should allow you to do the following:

  1. Have password controlled access.  Only members can enter.  The public won’t even get to see it.

  2. Have membership reviewed by admins before being granted.  Better yet, you create the accounts and default passwords, and get them to change their passwords.

Don’t allow students to use anything but their real names, and you’ll eliminate 99% of the problems.

I was thinking the same about the students name. 

How about using a remote server?  I think that’s how these site work.

There are tons of free sites out there, the only problem is that most are ad-supported.

I don’t know how you feel about ads on your forums (they may not always be appropriate ads, though I think some places allow you to define the kind of ads).

Another option is just to get somebody to host it for you – does your school or district have a web server?

Yes, there is a server in the school I believe.  Is it just a matter of dowloading some free message board software after this?

What os is the server… You might want to ask permission to as bb software is easy hacked.

Joel can vouch this…

I’m not sure about the os for the server but everything is PC. 
Someone suggested that instead of a message board, I used a blog.  I like the idea but will that mean that I would be the one starting every thread with students commenting?  I want control but not to that extent.

Sorry to bother you guys again with this but I went ahead and created a forum site.  I would like you guys to hack into it.  I want to know what you can access or not.  I’ve created three forums with different access authorizations. 
If you succeed in accessing something I wouldn’t want you to see, please let me know how you did it.

Man your a pain in the butt :smiley:  JK…

what about using  ?