Accident out the Highway

Has anyone heard of any accident out the highway around 4-5 this afternoon, just before the rainbow summit on the Terrace side? I was coming back from Terrace and there was several repsonse cars rcmp fire ambulance and tow truck all seemed to be working on the ravine on the right hand side of the road ( ie coming back from Terrace)

I went through there just before 8pm tonight and there was nothing out of the ordinary out there.  I hope no one was seriously hurt.

so on my scanner 2 people were charged in the accident that happened!!

I know their was an accident out that way 36 kilo outta rupert It was with a brand new 2008 Hybrid Explorer with less then 500 hours driven on it… no one was injured, but on impact, the front airbag was not deployed, :S I guess something about ongoing investigation>    dunno.

I saw a white late-model hybrid Ford Escape on a flat-deck trailer in town on Sunday evening. Looked like it had been rolled.