Accident Infront Of Movie Theater

I did not see who, but I seen that a person was lieing in the middle of the road hit by an unknown occupant  :confused: I am sure hoping that the unknown person is okay, as he has been down their for at least a half hour with police and emerj their  :neutral_face:

The woman that got hit seemed fine - she got up by herself and initially refused help - but it seemed that they forced her into a stretcher to check her out…she wasn’t exactly sober, so she was a little difficult (it seemed that way anyway)

This is why everyone should use crosswalks!!!

Thats just silly talk…this is Prince Rupert!!  :imp:

Everywhere is a crosswalk… it’s just the whole stretches of 2nd and 3rd Ave aren’t crosshatched. =.=

ohhh ok, when driving past it looked like a guy hehehe

I bet whoever hit her was looking over at the movie posters–we’re all guilty of that :stuck_out_tongue:

It is not unheard of for people to be hit by a car while using that particular crosswalk. There have been several incidences of this. It’s almost like it is safer NOT to use that crosswalk. Reduce your chances of being hit by a car and jaywalk. Also, contrary to what some pedestrians seem to think, crosswalks do not provide you with an invisible protective shield against vehicles bearing down on you at top speed. Always remember to look both ways before crossing the street. If there are cars, then wait until they stop before proceeding. You thought you learned this in preschool and you very well might have - many people have not. Some people have forgotten. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was walking down the street with someone once, and she started walking across the street without looking, there was clearly a car coming. I said “wtf are you doing, don’t you care?” To which she replied: “It doesn’t matter, pedestrians have the right of way.”

Pedestrians might very well have the right of way, but you won’t be saying that when you’re lying on a hospital bed. Or worse, dead…

I hate that attitude…

Yeah, I’ve often wondered why some people think that way, it is a deadly mind set to have.  It makes no sense to me at all.

Well, when she does get hit, I refuse to visit her in the hospital…


I have driven around this town for more years than I can remember (or want to).
The ‘Pedestrians’ in this Podunk of our’s (I am referring to those who don’t possess a drivers licences or own a vehicle) don’t know or understand the ‘Rules Of The Road’. 
So many times I have had to stop sharply because a pedestrian has just darted out into the crosswalk without looking! I am human, as all drivers are, and it could just be maybe one of these times I wont have time to stop!
It will ‘most likely’ be my fault! The family of the person I hit will have great animosity towards me!
I hate to think of it! 
HTMF people, please, if you know of someone who is careless in crossing the streets,
please ask them to look before they cross!
And HTMF drives, be especially vigilant on 2nd. and 3rd. Avenues!

I totally agree with you, Clocked Out, but I gotta say that there are idiot drivers out there as well.

I walk to and from work every day, and cross the street at crosswalks.  I’m amazed at how many cars just barrel on through crosswalks, even when others are stopped to let me cross.  I never assume that drivers will stop, because my recent experience tells me that a large portion of them don’t stop.

I have been in the middle of a crosswalk, with 3 cars stopped in 3 lanes, and watched as a 4th car just decides to ignore the crosswalk, the stopped cars, and me.  Drivers even tend to make eye contact with me as they do this. 

I’m starting to think that I should bring along my camera, so I can take some video clips and post them online.  Maybe a bit of public embarrassment would be in order. 

I have some awesome clips of idiot pedestrians already :smile:  I should add some of the idiot drivers too.

You’re right - the idiocy is not only reserved for the pedestrians. There are also some drivers who believe in the existence of the Crosswalk Invisible Shield.

The worst is those idiots who push their strollers out in front of them without even looking!  I hate those people its like they have no regard for their childrens safety.  I honk at them…then I usually get the finger :imp:

There is lots of money to be made if someone hits the stroller, so its a sure bet and another cheque.

Financial planning?


PLEASE go look at this Video!!
The cross walk off to the right is where the kids from school cross…I got Honked at when I stopped for a kid crossing this area!

Wow, this is like a vehicle version of To Catch a Predator. Crazy. I wonder what their excuses would be for their shameful driving behavior? Isn’t it amazing what people will do when they think no one is watching?

HAhHAhahaha, nooo kidding. to bad you couldn’t do that and take it so they could catch them hey :wink: hehehe jk…that would be interesting