Accedent in Rupert!

Yesterday around 8:00 pm taxi hit pedestrian on Alfred street. I’m not sure how serious it was but, there were firetrucks and police cars everywhere on top of the ambulance that attended the scene.

A taxi hit a pedestrian on 3rd a couple of years ago too. The taxi drivers in this town drive like idiots. Its only a matter of time until someone is killed. I feel a bout of road rage coming on whenever one of those c***suckers cuts me off, steals my turn to go at a four-way stop or glide right on thru a stop sign. Something has to be done.

I know what you mean… They are way too careless. On that turn on Alfred street there, it a god damn blind corner. Everytime I drive around that turn, I slow right down to about 20 or 30km/h, and I can’t imagine going any faster. The one thing I hate, is right in front of the liqour store where McBride turns onto 2nd, a couple cabbies turn straight onto the right lane when Im turning the corner… I’ve been cuttoff so many times there, and I getting sick of it. Cutting across 2 lanes like that is highly illegal, and I think that if the cabs don’t follow the rules of the road they should be taken off the road. They don’t own the road, we all do, so we have to share it.

Whoa, thought no one would ever bring this topic up. Like 85% of cabbies hardly use their turning signals or stop at stop signs. I had cabs cut me off, steal my turn at a four way stop, almost collide with my car not doing shoulder checks…it’s ridicilous. There was this one time, I was driving, minding my own business, and this dumbass of a cabbie turns like, 10 feet in front of me into a side street…I was angry beyond belief, had to slam on my breaks, almost got a heart attack, saw my life flashing before my eyes…so I fingered him. I try and drive as far the hell away as I can from them, because they are bad news. Seriously, considering you have to get a special class driver’s liscence to drive a taxi, they damn well better drive properly…

I slow down for the corner to, cause somtimes theres a dumb ass parked right around the corner waiting for someone.

Delirious wrote:

Is that where the accident was?? I was by there several times yesterday and had to slow down because there were a few kids playing on the sidewalk.

I’ve been IN a cab that’s been 30 seconds away from hitting someone. Granted it was pitch black and raining, and she was crossing the street wearing black clothing-none of us saw her. She was lucky.

Bad cab driving combined with the tendancy for some groups of people who live here to step out into the street without looking is not a good combination.

us and them
you forget so easy

sigh you’d think that cab drivers are “supposedly” good drivers because:

  1. They have a “special” drivers license
  2. They have lot’s of experience driving (considering they drive everyday)
  3. They are responsible for the safety of the passengers

I hate cabbies! They are the worst drivers out there :imp:

you dont hate anybody. its just, to generalize is a shame , ha*
you should take into account other things.

Things such as?

it was a child who was hit and also a blackbear was at the end of 6 east being shot… was listening to my police scanner last night.

I find it interesting how people are allowed to drive cabs when they don’t know where even the easiest to find places are, and every once and a while they are sooooo nice and give you a tour of the town whether you want it or not.

If you ever have a problem with a cab driver, get the number of the cab, or even a partial licence plate number, and call Skeena’s alternate phone line during regular business hours. You’ll get to talk to the owner/manager, and you can bitch about whatever car you want. I’ve done this a few times and I’ve actually seen the results. One driver got pulled off the road and got a 3 month suspension for jumping the curb at the bottom of the hill by the old Booth school. He was going 80 down the hill in icy conditions, and needless to say didn’t make the turn.

[quote=“fingahz”]Delirious wrote:

Is that where the accident was?? I was by there several times yesterday and had to slow down because there were a few kids playing on the sidewalk.[/quote]


ohh man I love those can i put on my website with permission of course… were who and when… … C_ID=12075

Long Lake, Ontario, apparently.

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