Absolute Proof of Global Warming

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2008’s missing beccause there most likely isn’t anything to go under the 2008 column

Hey AndrewMorgan444 - I think I found your missing item from the 2008 column - it’s a mayor’s chain on the Conservative party’s delegate for our Skeena-Bulkley Riding 2008 federal election. 

For those brave enough - click on:

thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/ne … e78225.ece

for the story and the pic. Prince George MP the “Dick” Harris must be proud…

Well now there must be others from certain mighty mayors how about Sara and maybe nah never mind/

“Dick” Harris is always proud.
Of what we don’t know.
Sure wasn’t for standing up for his constituents during the Softwood deal, was it?

I laughed at this, not the picture.

Hot in those chairs I assume

Hey the link doesn’t work!
We have to repost it again and again