Aboriginal Craft and sewing Center

Hi there I am planning on opening a new store here in Prince Rupert and am looking for some public input. I hope that you will be able to take a few moments to answer a few questions.
The new store that I am planning will be selling top quality material for regalia, drums, local artwork of those up and coming artist, among those established outside of Prince Rupert and some aboriginal crafts for people to do at home.

Where do you get Material from?
Would you like a business like this in town?

Any suggesetions please post. If you would like to be contacted with further information or any questions please email kelownafaerie@hotmail.com
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I will respond asap.
Thank you for your time.
Have a great day!

Your not being rude thats opinion…thank you very much…this will go into consideration. I mean yes there has been alot of stores that have went out of business here in town but not all natives are on low income a lot of us have great jobs and are willing to put out the money to order from out of town and go there to buy these good…This is marketed towards the aboriginal side of the community and there are a lot of us…and towards the tourists that come through. I know its a risk but whats is life wth out risks? I am young and want to have this experience and this is one of the ways i am getting public input! thank you again for your time!

Personally, I think you should have materials geared toward the native culture but also offer fabrics and sewing supplies for everyone else.  Prince Rupert nearly died because it was a one (main) industry  town.  Now, we are trying to diversify and things are seemingly better, or we at least have a better chance at a brighter future.  I think if you followed a similar model you would have a better chance at success.

Good luck!  :smile:

Well my little kelownafaerie I know that you are a go getter and you have been of this type ever since I have had the pleasure of knowing you. There ain’t nothing stopping you. Good luck but yes be careful, are you going to make your own dresses?

i plan to yes i just finnished a design for y litle sister and myself no pattern and they are ready for our hobiye’e…quite excited!! yes im a go getter…go get er dun!!

thank you for your input i was thinking about having more than just aboriginal crafts thankyou all for your input!!! keep it comin!

it’s a shame people have voted on the poll yet they haven’t voiced their opinion as to why they made the decision that they had.

I think that opening a sewing/craft center in rupert would be awesome. considering one of the fabric shops closed down and the local high schools (for home ec) once used the fabrics from that same shop that closed down.

in a way, I am agreeing with Hoser and his idea of offering Fabric/Crafts for everyone else.

if you decide to follow your plan then good luck, as another said; there isn’t anything stopping you. don’t let anyone get ya down.

I think a good craft and sewing centre could do well in this town.  I don’t know if you want to limit it to just Aboriginal Crafts.  I think you would find a wider clientèle if you supported other types of crafts too, but there is always the start up cost and trying to stock a wide variety of materials could be difficult as you begin your business. 

Good luck to you.  I hope it works out.

Didn’t the only sewing store in town just close recently?

If so, there may be an opportunity to grab those clients as well as the aboriginal art stuff.

I know a few ladies who would kill for a fabric store.
They were just devestated when the last fabric store in town closed.

I think you would do quite well.

Good luck with everything!

I have to agree with most of the people on this, I think you would be shooting yourself in the foot by limiting you clientele to just people who make FN drums and regailia. I think you should try to broaden your customer base to include all arts and crafts people along with the aforementioned sewing shop. I mention all arts and crafts because there is no place in the region that deals with carving blades and tools, I would be very interested in that. Anyway, Best of Luck to you on this endeavor.

Once again you amaze me with your get up and go, I would venture to say you are an example that the whole thing works in the long run. I will offer you my support as usual and wish you the best in your dreams of setting up your business but do not rush into it.

[quote=“Justin Case”]

I think that you are right!! we need a good store for our town and get more focus on all arts and crafts! I think thats great!
I wont rush…since it will take some time for us to gather this town and see what we want in a craft and sewing store!!

I think my opinion has been largely covered off.

In the wake of the only fabric store closing, and the lack of general craft supplies (beyond Dollar Store fare) - combined with your expanded market idea of supplies for regalia and drums - I think you may actually have a chance.

Now if you could also have reliable clientelle, you may actually have it made.

Personally, I NEVER shop at Walmart, nor do I take my shopping out of town to any other store.

You might also consider cruise ship tourists in search of local Native craft.
The North Coast has an abundance of good Native Artists and I’m sure that you could incorporate their crafts in your store.  Also the Dodge Cove Arts Guild features a gallery of paintings, native art, jewellery, artist’s cards, and stained glass ornaments by Pacific Northwest Island.

i think its a great idea, get a spot near cow bay and tourists should love it  :smiley:
you’ll never know unless you give it a shot :smile:

Concerning FN art you may want to consider consignment. That way you don’t get stuck holding the bag on items that don’t sell. If it isn’t moving you consult with the supplier and either remove the items or lower the price.

You might also want to consider a website for online sales of your arts and craft goods. Make sure you have a “+ shipping costs and applicable taxes” line on your website if you chose to go online.

Just some thoughts…

very nice replies guys, if I start a business I would know which forum to have as my advisers!  :imp:

by crafts do you mean toys? as in hobbies and such, you should get model cars and planes, only level one though I glued my fingers together before and it was just devistating.  anything above level one is too hard.  I can’t make a dress but I make a mean apache helicopter granted there is no glue involved.  please please please please please please please please please… what the hell was I talking about?.. shhhh what the hell kind shit is that?.. I done gone and forgotten the topic.  ahhh well let’s all go surfin