Abba solutely Fabulous cancelled?

Although I dont have tickets to tonights show, I just heard that the Abba Solutely Fabulous performance, scheduled for tonight, has been canceled.  I also heard that the tickets anyone has ‘for’ the performance will be honoured in a performance here in August.

I don’t like rumours, but if anyone has any concrete coverage on this matter, would you be so kind as to post it?  I have a friend who is/was really looking forward to tonight.


The ad on CJFW says that the shows will be rescheduled for June 20 in Terrace and June 21 here or sometime around the twenties, like that, tickets will be honoured at that time or you can go get a refund and buy one later if you wish I guess.

Of course that’s the same radio station that said on their news cast yesterday at 4 that the highway was still open, while their road report right after the newscast said the road was closed…

It’s a pickem kind of place I guess 

Hey, thanks for posting.  I appreciate it.

not a problem

What next?!?!?! :astonished:
the date IS the 21st of june 6 and 8 pm

Abba revival? What’s next? The Cap’t and Toenail?

I say its lies! I seen in their poster they had a HELICOPTER!!! They can come but will not do so as they hate us!

Damn Swedes! Leave us in our time of NEED!