Abandoned rail tunnel

There is an abandoned tunnel somewhere between Telegraph point and the Kasiks river.The portals used to be visible from the road. Do any of you remember where it is?

You can still see it from the road in the winter and spring. You´ve got the right section of highway. Technically it´s a cave, as a tunnel needs… you know.

Ya, I think CN closed each end to keep people out. I tried walking it about 25 years ago but there was a rockfall not to far inside the portal. I’ve forgotten which bluff it was under. I was thinking maybe the big avalanche area just west of Kwinitsa creek, but it seems to me it was closer to the Kasiks tunnel. Do you recall which face it was under?

if memory serves me, it is close to an area that has a ¨ culvert pond ¨ that parallels the highway for a hundred meters or so. The tunnel would be behind the pond, in the background. Did they ever punch through the other side? I heard the project was called off part way through. Good luck.

Good question, as a kid I can remember we used to look for both ends whenever we drove past and they were both there. Whether or not it was an incomplete tunnel at the time, It never occurred to me so I never asked. Maybe one of these days when I go for a joyride I’ll check both ends out.

Here’s what someone e-mailed me about the tunnel:

“The tunnel can be found by crossing the tracks at the eastern end of the avalanche detection wires. These are a series of poles that are parallel to the tracks. Strung between the poles are a series of wires. There are two such avalanche detecting setups. The taller of the two (I believe it is the westerly setup) is located by the old hole in the wall. From the eastern end of the setup, cross a ditch and walk east along the old rail bed about 500m. This rail bed is overgrown. It is wet inside - take a lamp! Watch out for falling rock AND there was talk about a bear hibernating in there. When the leaves are off the trees and when there is a light sprinkling of snow, the tunnel is visible from the road.”

Thanks for the info. Once I locate it, I’ll wait for summer to explore. I’ve been in the east end but not the west.

I was in that tunnel years ago. Even then there had been some serious cave-in’s in the middle. We could still climb over and walk through, but I imagine it’s closed itself off by now. If you go in, be careful and wear some head protection.