AAC vs MP3

Man, is cookie-cutter twelve-bar-blues ever fun to play.

post us up some aac

As a side note, has anyone ever found a reason not to play in the key of ‘A’?

i meant aac as in ogg or mp3

Dude, I posted that previous comment before seeing what you said.

It looks like AAC is getting some good press lately. There’s this audio format comparison on slashdot, and AAC is getting some mad lovin’.

I was skeptical at first. But you can really tell the difference between AAC and MP3. AAC at 128 is better than MP3 at 192, in my opinion.

Also, AAC was designed by the Dolby people, they know audio.

When I rip audio now, it’s always in AAC.

I generally use variable bitrate MP3s. That way the music takes up the least space, but keeps a higher sound quality than say a 192kbit MP3. The bitrate will change depending on what is required to keep good audio. Drums and bass require very low bitrate, while the high voices/instruments require more… I find it’s one of the better ways to keep size down, and quality up.

Unknowingly, iTunes was set to AAC way back when, and I ripped a lot of music in that format. It sounds great.