A&W coming 2 town

I heard that A&W is coming to the Cowbay Area. The Terrace guy is setting up a shop in P.R.

I have heard that for 4 years now…That was what was suppose to be going to the industrial site and/or the old dq building was gonna be ripped down and rebuilt…So, I hope so, hahahah…see if it happens…sigh…between DQ and A&W coming to town would be kick ass!!!

Cow Bay would be a terrible place for a fast food joint such as A&W.  There’s no parking, and I doubt someone would open the franchise there.  A more likely spot would be downtown, or along the highway, like they are in every other town.

sherman is selling their used car lot they can always buy the building and go old school drive in again  :smiley:

no doubt but it being in cowbay there, kinda far fetched … who cares if its run well its good food.  although where though lol i don’t see any building being fit down there.  even if it was redone.

I think that is a GREAT idea…Whistle Dogs, passenger window…YUMMY !!  :smiley: