A Turning point year for the Port of Prince Rupert

It was a year of progress for the Port of Prince Rupert which provided details on the year just past in a news release provided on the Port of Prince Rupert website. In the report, the port looks back at 2007, a year which highlighted much in the way of forward momentum for Prince Rupert’s waterfront.

Shipment volumes surpassed 10 million tonnes in 2007 for the first time in a decade, a 36.8 per cent increase over 2006 and a 237 per cent jump over 2005. The total cargo volumes for 2007 were listed as 10.6 million tones.

The bulk of the information provided revolves around grain shipments as well as coal and wood pellets and passenger levels through the cruise ship terminal at Cow bay.

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Speaking to many individuals who either came back to Rupert hoping to work and many who left their regular jobs, say that they are only getting maybe one day a week. I guess they are victims of the Pond boom.