µTorrent for Mac

µTorrent is avaliable for the Mac at last, only in Beta, and the Alpha has been avaliable on a few torrent sites for ages now, but I’ve tried to bust the Beta today, and its still going strong. If you use Azureus, its worth trying out… Much less of an overhead than all that nasty JAVA!


Transmission is by far the most Mac-like.  Nice and small and unobtrusive.


Well, my excitement was soon abated anyway… The main reason I wanted it was for the RSS integration, which Transmission lacks but Azureus and the Windows µTorrent does have, but they left that out in the Mac beta! Bugger!

Transmission has the ability to watch a folder and if it sees a torrent file in there, it will automagically start downloading (and you can set it to delete the torrent file as soon as it starts).

You can use any of the various rss tools to download a feed to a folder, or to send torrents directly to transmission.

Take a look here:  maartenschreuder.nl/  for “tvshows” which seems to work just fine.  There are a bunch of bash scripts that do the same thing too.

Do you think I have nothing better to do on a Saturday night? Dammit… Your right! Time to get playing… Anything to get rid of Azureus, and still have the latest Chuck and Big Bang Theory ready for me with no effort on my part :smile: My confirmation as a sad old git is complete :frowning:

Or just maybe there is this…

ted.nu/ (all platforms)

Yeah, apparently the sourceforge version of TVshows is broken, but the maarten schreuder guy seems to have fixed it.

Ah crap! Im an idiot! I completely missed the last part of your post recommending this! :frowning: Concentration span seems to be shot right now!!