A timely intercession from Nathan Cullen

As the city of Prince Rupert prepares to amend its budget on Monday, partially due to cost over runs on the Alaska Marine Highway Dock at Fairview, the region’s MP Nathan Cullen is preparing to take the case for funding to the Federal Government.

Cullen the recently re-elected NDP MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley, is setting his political agenda in Ottawa to include seeking assistance for the City of Prince Rupert and the repairs to the gateway to British Columbia that starts in the city.

While he’s more than anxious to get to work on behalf of the city, he’s expressing regret that the request did not come earlier in the process. In an article in Friday’s Daily News, Cullen states that the issue wasn’t presented to him as “an urgent and dire one until recentlyâ€

Based on the goings on at City Hall are we surprised by this?