A rocky patch for justice on the westward side of the Rockies

“I have no details. I have never been questioned by the RCMP. I only became aware today that I am part of that investigation,” John Les after stepping down as the Solicitor General for the Province of British Columbia on Friday.

It’s been a rough couple of days for the justice system in British Columbia this week, there was the refusal of the RCMP to release details into a report into the use of Tasers, a fair portion of which took place in the province. It’s a refusal that is apparently being given a second thought by the Mounties, in the light of a bit of protest to their decision.

Mid week came news that a BC Judge had decided that the RCMP had not provided enough proof that a full patch member of the notorious Hells Angels had been acting on behalf of a criminal organization. Acquitting him of charges of drug trafficking.

Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie of B.C. Supreme Court in her decision, suggested that the Crown had prosecuted David Francis Giles, based far too much on speculation and not enough on fact…

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