A revolutionary new laptop from apple!

theonion.com/content/node/92 … dded_video

Just not impressed right now, I have so much trouble just typing something to Mig, Astro or Podunkian. It might just be me…lol

my next comp will be Apple, but It will have a keyboard…I can see this being a flop. Unless you don’t mind taking 1/2 hr to type a few paragraphs with a giant wheel …

Well, I hope I am not wrecking a gag, but U do know about “The Onion”?

Boy, and it’s not even April Fool’s Day.

“Everything you need is just a few hundred clicks away.”  lol

I also like the sudoku killer bit “…not sure if he’ll kill 1, 4, or 9 more victims”.

Heh, The Onion is the ultimate news troll.  It’s awesome.

Mig has 11111 posts!

Agreed.  Hilarious:-)

Thats the stupidest Idea for a laptop, a big wheel controls a keyboard layout on your screen.  That will never catch on

Billy I just got mine this morning and it works like a charm. I usually type about seventy words a minute and with this new Mac wheel I can input about ten words a minute.

Mac would invent somthing stupid like that, and you would probly buy it

Someone needs to invent a sense of humour for a few of you guys.

Maybe this will help:

MacWheel  > iFlea  :smiley:

I like some of the “predictive sentence technology” suggested sentences;

“The attractive rooster preened its feathers to attract absinthe.”
“The Althusserian scholar gave his copy of Lacan’s “Ecrits” to the abortion doctor.”
“The babbling baby baked brownies with the amiable crocodile.”

LMAO you guys are too funny,thanx man  :smiley:

I think you will find its Apple that does the inventing, and Mac u have with cheese :smile: