A Question Regarding the Illegality of Peepin with Binoculars

Is it illegal or otherwise an infringement on mine or other peoples rights if we are being observed by binoculars through our apartment windows?

I dont really think it is.
Unless they are using a recording device then it could be construed as voyeurism…and I believe thats in the criminal code.  Just looking isnt an offence.
where are you being watched from?

Curtains or blinds are a wonderful thing.

I would just try to give 'em one hell of a show.

Man, you walked right into the next lines: ( take your pick)

Reply # 1:  It wouldn’t be much of a show!

Reply # 2:  He said binoculars, not telescope!

Geez I dunno, seems like the perfect time for you to clean and polish a wide selection of automatic weapons complete with night scopes…

Can pretty weel guarantee that the binocular people will be keeping their blinds closed…

Discussed this exact thing in criminology a few weeks ago.

Just looking isn’t against any law. However, if the person being watched has requested that the person doing the watching stop, the binocular dudeman has to respect that person’s request. First, if they are using the binoculars to look into the persons home it would then be considered trespassing. Second, if you’re watching them during their day to day lives–it would probably be some sort of stalking offense even BEFORE they asked you to stop.

I would have gone with “I’m not sure if that show would be a tragedy or a comedy!”

re: eccentric:
i figured as much.

i am of the kramer school of thought on this, if people want to look, well then be my guest.