A Plea for Increased Mental Health Support

Ok Northern Health, and who ever has a bit of power in the health care department,

Lets get an increase in mental health workers up here. Psychologists, counsellors, my goodness, whom ever. We need to get doctors onboard- and everyone in the field.

Access to mental health care needs to be streamlined and accessible. Why not start in schools.

I’ve had personal experience in the past going in circles with my doctor, social workers, and practicum psychiatrists- each one a stepping stone to… no where. I felt pushed around from one person to the next- with no follow up, etc. I was simply interested in staying mentally healthy or on top of things. I can not imagine what it must be like for someone actually experiencing a mental disease or crisis to try and navigate the system to find consistent help and support.

This can be a raw and emotional place.

When asking Alaskan friends how they deal with the short days of winter- they informed me that a simple doctors prescription would get them a SAD lamp for the season. I’m going to check and see if I could get that through healthcare myself.

There is help out there- though sometimes you really have to look for it. Keep putting one foot in front of the other until you find something that works for you. Stand up for yourself, be patient and keep your eyes on that pinprick of light- don’t lose focus.

Everybody has a story.

Well-said, rupertboots. I also think that there should be more support for people who have mental health issues here on the North Coast.

The pharmaceuticals they want to prescribe have a lot of side effects, make sure you take vitamin D(2000 mg) in winter, go to the pool when it opens at night, it’s very bright in there. Exercise! Around here you have to help yourself, most of the time. Do things you enjoy, treat yourself good, light a candle,you are not alone.