A new type of screen shot!


Extreme Internet with Shaw In Kelowna!

I just cannot afford the New Nitro package but people are clocking over 23,000 kb/s

Useable…  I’ll try this test at work tomorrow…

its deceiving though… cause its in kilobits per second, so divide it by 8 to get kilobytes per second.

meh we’re getting a 10Gbps connection at work soon.

didn’t get to test it… spent all freaking day setting up a Win2000 server just so I could run stupid webcams. It’s still updating!!!

Yeah, I also find it annoying how slow win2k updates.  Did you get your webcams working? :smiley:

3com HomeConnect & Creative Live! Ultra. 2 most useless pieces of shit I’ve seen, except for the SMC wireless webcam.
Neither one can save a file overtop of itself without incrementing, neither can passive ftp (the only way they won’t increment the filename), one won’t work on XP, one won’t work on 98…
Anyone know any good free software to snap a shot every 30 seconds and upload it?

The SMC ‘needs’ activeX , can’t view it with Firefox, and locks up after anyone looks at it.

Not sure what you are planning with the webcams but zoneminder will behave the way you want it to zoneminder.com/

I setup the security camera system at work using it.  I’ve only had to touch it once this year and that was for a security patch. Automatic file rotation when the disk gets to 90% full  kicks ass.

My ‘borrowed’ wifi…


[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

One camera just points at the main intersection, snaps a shot every 30 seconds and uploads it to the site as “Fort St James Live”. Another points between the double doors and is motion sensitive. While you’re smashing your way through to steal the USB reading lites and fans (instead of the freakin’ LCD screens on the shelf underneath), it films you and FTPs it offsite.
Not that they’d think to steal the computer the camera’s attached to. That would require enough brains to be able to read the WARNING CAMERAS WATCHING sign, or even see the big old 1/2" tape-cam there as a fake.
I was testing the wireless webcam as a security/webcam to put up the mountain on one of our wireless & TV sites. The salesman from SMC has never called back after I lit off on him.
Something about taking Bill Gate’s nuts out of his mouth and stop selling rebranded Chinese dollar store crap as network equipment…


While streaming video :wink:


Almost twice as fast on the Calgary server than the Vancouver one.  :confused:

Isn’t that quite low?  I wasn’t using the net or my computer for anything other than running the test.

smartass: it’s probably because of your horseporn server.

Zoneminder will work perfect for your  application :smile: might take a bit of hacking/searching/packet dumping to figure out how to avoid the activex interface.  For example we have the dcs-5300 from dlink which has a wonderful activex interface as well. I did a few tcpdumps and found out that I can pull the images directly from 192.168.X.X/cgi-bin/video.jpg

of course then i read the forums post giving me the url  :unamused:

Just another day with citytel and telus :cry:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

However, I’m on the VeeFee.

And it looks like Communism takes it by a hair!

blah nm 12MB/s down 6 up ill redo it later.


The Internet sucks lately. :imp:

I can’t even play World of Warcraft reliably :frowning: