A moment of silence for yet another Senators implosion

Ah crap, and I thought this was the year!

Jeez, where did the defence go? How about those hot guns of the regular season, nice to see them holster their weapons when the gunfight started.

Hope they don’t try to blame the goaltender this year, cause from what I saw tonight (and for most of the five games) he was the last guy standing on a team that wanted to sit most nights.

Always next year! But man I’m getting tired of singing that song!   :unamused:

I was expecting Ottawa to go far as well, but apparently they went to the same playoff school as the Canucks  :blush:

Buffalo was the one team that I figured would give Ottawa some problems in the east.  Lots of speed, 4 very balanced offensive lines and a pair of top calibre goaltenders with lots to prove.  Had there been an upset in the first round so Ottawa could have avoided this match up, they very well could have been Cup champs this year.  That’s the way it goes sometimes.

As for the goalie comment, you’re completely right.  Goaltending wasn’t what cost the Sens this series.  Lack of speed on the backend and turnovers at both bluelines was their biggest problem.

Makes you wonder what Eugene Melnyk will do now though, what with the “Losing is not an option” coffee mugs he sent to his front office staff during the season.

we still got edmonton to root for!!!