A good place to unload my motorcycle

Anyone know where there is a good place in town to unload a motorcycle from the back of my truck?

Anywhere, if you have a ramp and a few friends?

don’t have a ramp
just bought it and will be bringing it here to Rupert in My truck

I’m sure ramps aren’t hard to find.

A two by eight board would work. I think that’d be the size.

For some reason I’m thinking that the front area of BC Packers might work. There’s lots of loading ramps and stuff, that you might be able to back your truck up to and ride it down. I used to see lots of skateboarders there.

Bring a chunk of rope and go down to the dock next to the ferry terminal and use the dock crane. 

What kind of bike? 

Ah heck any old loading dock will do, don’t need no stinkin’ ramp.  Just go do an Evil Knievil, rev it up launch off the dock and hope like heck you land on the wheels… :wink: