A disturbance in The Force

Something weird is going on …

I’m not sure if it’s because we so rarely see clear skies here, but that was one honkin’ big moon peeking over McBride as I went up the hill to downtown this morning…

Very cool, but perhaps a sign of your disturbance… :smiley:

You guys should check if you still see Venus and Jupiter early in the evening.  Both planets have been in the sky for the last month.
Here, it is pretty bad weather: Freezing rain, snow, wind. 



I’m stoked we’re finally getting snow and that the car starter we just got installed is now justified.

My kid was a bit freaked out this morning.  He knew what the moon was all about (“dad!  the ooooon!”) but had no idea what all those little lights all over the sky were.

I’ve been working on the yard lately, and (since I’m still new here) found it quite funny that today, being a nice, sunny, clear day, it was impossible to dig in the yard, and that rainy days are much better for yard work here!  (the ground was frozen solid today)

It’s been -10 and a howling wind all day. So hard we’re joking about ‘nice relaxing smokes’… blowing hard to rip one out of your mouth and carry it away.

Couple bumps in the power, and sure enough one took out a main transmitter. Had to explain that you can’t drive there, there’s not enough snow to get there on a sled, the helicopters are grounded in the wind… you’ll just have to wait

Thank god I’m not working in the weekends (depends if they make me do overtime).

And thank god it didn’t snow until 8 this morning…

Ah yes big tides caused by full moons…
always brings cold clear weather for days on end, something fisherman look forward to, if they’re gonna be out on a trip this time of year.

I had a look at the tide schedule and it didn’t appear to be any bigger than usual around here.  They were at the ‘higher’ end, but not extremely high - although, that was what was predicted, so maybe the actual measurements blew the estimates out of the water. 

As far as a disturbance in the force - the midichlorians are gonna feel this one!

To get spring ( big ) tides the moon and sun need to be aligned otherwise you end up with regular or even neap tides. The fact its a full moon doesnt affect the tides, just cause its in a shadow doesnt mean its not there.  :smiley: