A city councillor looking for answers?

Whoa, what’s this? In Prince George, a city councillor is filing a motion to seek out more information on spending expenditures by the City of Prince George!

City of Prince George Councillor, Brian Skakun is looking for some answers on City expenditures…

Skakun says the request is a result of questions posed to him by residents. He says that in the interest of financial accountability and transparency the information should be made public. “I also feel that as an elected official I should be able to access this type of information upon request to help fulfill my oversight obligations I have to the residents of Prince George” writes Skakun in his motion to Council.

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Can anyone think of any items that a Prince Rupert councillor might wish to investigate on our behalf?

If so list them below, give council something to work with for their Mid January get together.

Transparency and Accountability, pass it on!

Councilor representation duties?

Prince Rupert councillor Rice needs to clarify who she is representing at rallies
Published: December 19, 2012 9:00 AM
Updated: December 19, 2012 9:27 AM
The Northren View

The following was received as an open letter to Councillor Jennifer Rice
Dear Ms. Rice:

I am writing this letter to express my concerns as a Prince Rupert taxpayer in regards to your lack of honesty while hosting a number of public demonstrations against Northern Gateway.

First let me be clear as an individual you have the right to demonstrate, protest and speak out on any issue you choose, where I feel you cross the line is your failure to clear up the perception that your attendance is in your capacity as a councilor representing the views of the citizens of Prince Rupert.

It is true that Prince Rupert city council passed a resolution against Northern Gateway. This decision however does not, in my opinion, give you the ability or the right to hijack a onetime resolution and use it to make it appear that at each event you attend against Northern Gateway or any other protest against jobs in our community you are there representing the views of your constituents.

You are a relative new comer to our community and you may not be aware of the difficult economic times this community has gone through over the last 12 years. Your actions, allowing the appearance that city council has sent you to these events, is not only misleading, but also give the false impression to other potential investors interested in our community that our City is against job creation and the prosperity that these good paying jobs provide.

I find it further appalling that you ran for council and by doing so implied a commitment to all the citizens of Prince Rupert and early into your term you announce you are seeking to become our MLA.

I can’t help but wonder if your actions are nothing more than those of an opportunist using Prince Rupert as a stepping stone for your benefit and dam [sic] the cost to our community whose residents can finally see light at the end of a long tunnel of economic hardship.

I would hope in future you would stand up and clearly state who you are representing when you attend public events so that people will understand that you are there representing yourself or your employer and not as a representative of the city council unless council has specifically asked you to attend on their behalf.

Shane Deinstadt

I am a little put off by Shane’s “open” letter. It is reasonable to expect the inclusion of evidence supporting serious accusations against an individual in a letter intended for public consideration. Reading Shane’s letter I could find nothing to support his accusations of Rice’s dishonesty and/or that she attended/hosted events in a personal capacity while giving the perception it was “official”; or that any public perception even existed. This was probably just an oversight on Shane’s behalf, but when making public accusations against an individual in “open letters” that are not substantiated the author loses credibility and his/her motivations are suspect. I hope in this case he can clarify this oversight.