A Banner idea that finds a bit of controversy

There seems to have been more than a little confusion as to what the city’s plans were last week for the display of locally produced tourism banners created by School District 52 students.

The Daily News in a front page story in Friday’s paper outlined how the local students may end up having their artwork bumped from the more prestigious cruise ship dock area and instead moved further down the road towards McBride street and George Hills Way. A decision that would make way for commercially designed banners for the City take their place where the cruise ship visitors congregate.

Needless to say that is a plan that isn’t being met with a particularly kind reaction from the local population, who weren’t too shy last week in expressing their argument against any shifting of the artwork.

No doubt aware that it’s probably not very good optics to be shuffling the citizens work aside during an election year, there appeared to be a change in plans of sorts developing after the Daily News went to press on Friday…

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My 9-year old daughter did one banner in the each of the past two years and takes great pride in them,  Every time we go past one of them during the summer, downtown or in Cow Bay, she ‘greets them’. 
On our summer road trips down highway 16 and beyond she spots all the banners other towns display and we put them into two categories: IBTs, interesting banner towns, those banners that are individually created. Along highway 16 only Vanderhoof and PR falls into this category. And then there are the BBTs, boring banner towns. I guess Prince Rupert might become a BBT too.

Bull shit is what I say. So Hollywood Herb choose 2 buy new banners after the students completed the banners for town. Now where is this extra $$ coming from? I thought Rupert was a extra $5 mill in the hole. And all those students beautiful one of a kind art works won’t get a chance to show off their talents. Shame on you City Council and what a waste. I have spoken 2 alot of angry people all over town who aren’t happy with this. So how about we stage a protest with the banners outside cityhall for Tuesday April 22.

Well, we do want to present ourselves in a somewhat professional manner “from the start” don’t we? (right off the cruise ship) It’s a simple matter of professionalism and realism(business wise). The student’s banners would still be a huge part of the “beautification.” I dunno, maybe I’m an asshole, but sometimes feelings need to be put aside for what is best; in this case profits from the cruise ships.

OT: Is it really an election year? Oh boy! I get to focus all my negative energy into one swift flick of the wrist!

I too say shame on you City Council.  These kids worked hard on these banners, and took pride in making them.  Anyone can go out and buy generic crap, but these banners are done with passion.  We need to send a clear message to Council that Election is just around the corner, and its time for them to pack their pencils and leave…

I think that if the City said they could be put up in cow bay, they shouldn’t go back on their offer.
I’d much rather Prince Rupert be viewed as a community who supports youth and embraces local talent than some picture book corporate city who’s main revenue is tourism. Lets not forget, we live here too. Tourists are here for how many months out of the year?

Why do we have to be a textbook example of what a tourist town should look like. Tourists like VARIETY! Not the same kind of commercialised bunk they see in every little nook and cranny they stop at.

Let’s be unique, and showcasing local art and talent is the perfect way!

Does anyone know what the city spent on these professionally produced banners?

I went and did something with the community clean up crew or something on Sunday, and a lot of people were talking about this.  There are some pretty pissed off people!

would anyone happen to know of the local high schools were involved with the production of the artistic banners?

Yep there were some students from both highschools involved.

remember when the city held Forums about the pulp mill ( ie basically public channel for which to take aim at anyone who worked at the mill to accept whatever offer was given to the workers)  Me thinks it may be time to hold a People forum where in the City has to become accountable for their actions.  I think it is an election year, lets not wait till October, let people be accountable now. Where is the Citizens on Patrol program, they would help eliminate the vandalism.  It feel by the wayside because of the APATHY of the people at city hall.  Make the vandals work off their damage, i.e. working off their debt for damages.

No one it seems is accountable for their actions WHY I need to be accountable to my boss for my work if I screw up or don’t get it done on time. kids need to be accountable for their actions as well. you didnt’ finish your homework … too bad here’s more.  You left your note at home, bring me two signed notes tomorrow and read another chapter!  you wrote a cheque and it bounced … make good and pay your debt a little at a time even!  What are we saying as citizens, not much to the people at City Hall, but lots to our  neighbours.  Let’s get organized we pay their salaries not the other way around.  How about putting some of the kids banners at Cow Bay and some city and kids banners on the empty store fronts.  how about Markets on third ave for tourist season in all the empty buildings?  People pay a table fee not sure how much but you rent by the week, if you rent all season its cheaper??

It is sad downtown, but that said, property owners need to take a long hard look at their rents too.  I know that they need to make money to cover their costs, but be creative, if the business does well in the second year, you pay a little more rent, same for property taxes if you keep your place nice, you pay less … not more!

[quote=“maxwell”]No one it seems is accountable for their actions WHY I need to be accountable to my boss for my work if I screw up or don’t get it done on time.

You should get a government job.


I am with you all the way on this idea or should I say the whole idea and how you just put it across. I am willing to get together and set this up with whoever is serious about such a notion.

Sorry I ranted and raved in my post, I was trying to post more than one topic ( same topic actually)
Basically - yes we need to make people accountable for their actions or inactions


  • There seems to be many reasons for the inaction I was trying to put a few ideas out there
  • Yes there are empty store fronts, could we put home based businesses in these empty store fronts even if just for the cruise ship season … decorate the windows with banner etc not just brown paper
  • So we as citizens are not happy with the way things are happening at City Hall, so how do we as tax payers let Mayor Pond know? Do we set up a committee of interested people, I think we should try and tag on to the group that looks after the planters and such I think the name is the Beautifcation Society (?) These people know who to go to etc, and are an already established committee, albeit we may have a different agenda but perhaps some people could lead others to contacts etc.  We pay dearly in many ways to live in Prince Rupert, cost of food, isolation, transporation, property taxes etc. as do many others who live in the North. I don’t have the personality to start such a group, I would not mind joining though and helping where able. I am sorry if I confused everyone with my post, just some thoughts that popped into my head and it looks like some ideas have already started some ideas for other people to expand on.

Put the ‘wayfinder’ banners at the start of a block to let the tourist know where he/she is. Have a load of the kids banners following it, and finish the block with another ‘wayfinder’ banner. It’ll be like signs saying “welcome to this area, now here’s some local art!”

I was at the protest thing going on at City Hall. Outside there was plenty of rabble and nonsense. Inside was more quiet, but still, not a big deal of progress was made. Everyone agreed there were ‘communication problems’, they shared their opinions, an old lady was annoying, someone would throw the word ‘taxes’ around, one of the students voiced a couple silly opinions, Bob said he’d speak to people and they’d come up with a decision.

There went an hour and a half of my day. Fun.

I personally find children’s crayon scrawlings offensive for promotional purposes.
Too reminiscent of Olympic logos, Canadian coinage, and Canuck jerseys… :smiley:

New tax hikes, diminished city service plus hiked fees, horrible roads, incoming parking fees, a very bare downtown business core, questionable ethics in bylaw creation, City Hall dabbling in business (Pulp Mill) on the backs of tax payers, a completely understaffed and un-ground-breaking dispute department and BANNERS, are what the public are getting out to protest over?

We’re in pretty poor shape.  :unamused:

I hear ya there MEEP MEEP ZOOM!
This town is goin backwards again.

I didn’t really like the ones down in Cow Bay that are there now.

Kinda lame and blah if you ask me.