911 call from Eric Wood

The RCMP was sent to my house last night at 2am. A call from Eric Wood, the cop said with my address. But this “Eric Wood” lives on 2nd West. I live on 7th East. This was been the second time. Has anyone heard of Eric Wood?

They said it was a 911 Hang-up Call. A call from our phone number on a land line. But our phones were shut off. Our number was registered on the 911 call, but our phones were shut off! Eric Wood, anyone know him?

Do you have a cordless phone? 

Is that bad? Why??

I do:(

There must be an explanation somewhere.

Either they’re not getting the address right, or the phone number right, or somebody may be using the same frequency (maybe same kind?) of cordless phone as you?

Though this should be impossible with newer cordless phones.

But they come to your house saying they’re looking for “Eric Wood” right?  So they must have something associated with him – either his address or phone number, but it lists your address or phone number along with it.  Human error somewhere.

Citywest?  They are responsible for the phone system in PR, right?

Nope, they got a number registered to us but as same to Eric Wood. They triple checked at our door step. They said “Repeat the number” the dispatcher repeated it and it was the same. And they asked the address of the call and it was to our address! 

If your phone has been shut off more than 3 mos, they probably re-issued your number to him and haven’t updated their db…
Telus is notorious for record errors, too. Call for an installation and 90% chance they’ll tell you there’s no such address. I called once and gave them the telphone number and address of their own central office (I used to work there) for DSL they said it wasn’t available at that address!

We didn’t call anyone for 3 hours before. Our phones were charging, one of them were dead, so, any explanion?

Eric Wood is in your house!  :astonished:

I searched him up on www.411.ca and he lives on 2nd west

Did you mean: We’ve traced the call… it’s coming from inside the house!

I get this sort of thing happening here too.  My number gets called all the time looking for someone different, and we’ve had this number for close to four years.

ICBC has called, Lawyers have called, random mothers have called to make playdates, etc.

Of course it’s not as weird as having the COPS show up looking for someone, but still unnerving!

Sounds to me like you should visit the RCMP and complain. If your address is somehow tagged to his phone in the 911 system someone needs to work it out. Even worse, if there is some sort of technical glitch in the 911 system someone needs to file a complaint to get it fixed. At this point it’s only inconvenient, but what if you need help and dial 911 and nobody comes because your phone is tagged to someone else.

Well if you’re calling from inside the house, then YOU check the children! I’m trying to watch a damn movie…

yeah we had two lines installed in our house for like 2 years and we shut it down for a couple years and randomly one night we had our phone plugged in for ppv and we got a call and we were connected to someone elses phone line… we could pick up the phone in the middle of some random call of someone else  :confused: