911 $299?

Any truth that City Tel will be charging $299 for a call to 911?

Are you talking about the monthly 911 fee on your phone bill?

I don’t have my phone bill in front of me, but I think it’s a couple of bucks a month.

Do you mean $2.99?  Heh, $299 is a bit steep even for citytel. :smiley:

DEPENDS  if you have a cell phone or regular phone
cell phone ==  $1.00
regular phone  .28 cents
  and thats my personal bill not sure could  yours be a business  phjone

wow fresca, your all on top of this… very specific… :smiley:. i had no idea about this phone charge… the things i learn. thanks. I guess i better go check my phone bills out.

Thanks, FrescaBaby! :smiley:  I’m going to be getting a cel phone so it is good to know the charges.

only know about the charges because I for one actually check out my phone bill, since the citytel and cable bill is all on one bill know( you can get that done to) so it is good to check out your bill, since there can be mistakes

City West is like any other business just a bunch of capitalists. Coral the market and then Jack up the rates for an average service! Like most businesses in Town and they wonder why people shop elsewhere lol.

My phone bill says.
City of Pr Rupert 911 service  $2.72
Citywest 911 emergency access  .28

You are right about citywest overcharging!  Rogers charges .17 for 9-11 monthly!