8 Mile

8 Mile was:

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Good movie. Those who havn’t seen it are missing out. If you don’t like rap, don’t go see it. I was very dissapointed by the poor sound quality and low volume levels coming from the theatre speakers, especially when there was no speech, and only the soundtrack was playing. Oh well. I’m sure the DVD will sound much better at home.

I now wonder why 5 people would pay almost $50 bucks to sit in uncomfortable chairs for 2 hours while they watch a low quality version of a good movie in a theatre that with its lights on… vs a $2.99 rental from East Wind. Oh, unless your planning to rent DVDs for 7 days deom Video Update, Eastwind is the cheapest I know of. $1.99 a day, or $2.99 for new releases.

What is it at Video Update? $5 something?

Yeah, close to $5 after taxes, it’s outrageos compaired to East Wind.

They need to setup a video on demand renting system for new releases. That way you can hack it and watch for free. :wink:

yeah the sound was pretty gay…it was soo quiet.

great movie though.

^ me…another thing…do u know why they had the lights on ? that sucked…

what cinima was it in

a little know fact is that cinima 1 and 3 are only mono sound
what would you call that… Dolby 1.0???

A little known fact is that the Cinema had new speakers come in for each screen before that little strike a few years back. Guess what’s still sitting in boxes in storage?

The sound on friday night was terrible. When Rabbit was sitting in the bus writing 8 Mile, the sound kept fading and coming back in. It was all scratchy and fuzzy for the whole scene, and a few more. I almost thought I was sitting infront of my computer after having downloaded it, but all the wannabe thugs sitting infront of me quickly reminded me where I was.

Also… renting dvd’s from East Wind, although cheap, LOTS of them are dirty or scratched. One wrecked my bf’s dvd player, it had some sticky residue on it and it completely overheated a chip inside. I asked Joyce why her movies were dirty, of course she said they weren’t. So I rented 3 at the same time, opened the cases to show her, and 2 of the 3 were all smudgy, sticky, and had scratches. She quickly shutup and asked me to grab 2 more I would like to rent.

Just be careful, check the discs before you leave the store or at least wipe them off before you play them.

Smudgy residue? I have never had the pleasure of expieriencing that.

8 Mile… that’s SOOO last month.

Or something… yeah I thought it was great. I’m not suprised it’s just comin’ to Rupert now.

Hey, our theater isn’t that bad. Terrace gets movies three months after we do.

I think it’s cuz they clean the kids movies when they get them back.

Kids movies such as? And why would they clean just the kids movies?

Sorry, when I used to jerk off on the movies I rented from them, I never thought I would negatively affect any HTMFers… I’ll stop now, sorry.

Good thing I rent the kids movies.

terrace had it before us.

Ya sure? I was talkin to a woman on friday who brought her kid here from Terrace to watch it cuz it wasn’t there.

brought her kid from terrace to rupert to watch 8 mile

good fucking gravy.

Yep… and the kid was like 10!

way to give your kids positive role models.

Yep… at least the mom went to the show with the kid so she could cover his eyes when ppl were gettin some. I can’t believe how many parents brought their kids to this show, or allowed the younger ones to see it. It’s pathetic.

I wonder how many kids are gonna think it’s cool to shoot at a police car with a paintball gun, or burn down an abandoned building?