$8.6 million repairs to Charles Hays planned for summer

Repairs to address water damage at Charles Hays Secondary school in Prince Rupert will be underway this summer.

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This is why our education funding is so f***ed up. This school is pretty new and we have to invest $8.5 million in fixing it. There is no excuse for this. Why is there so much repair needed for such a new structure? Was the design faulty? Were the contractors thieves or incompetent? What? I do not mind paying my fair share of taxes, but when I see crap like this, I wonder why I should be paying any taxes until these people get their heads out of their asses.

Amen. Might as well fix up PRSS.

New election needed at the board level? or some balls to fire the person who let that number get outa hand?


8.2 Million to a structure that was built in 1990 and opened in what, 1991-1992? 21 Years and suddenly this school requires more than a third of it’s original cost in repairs? One may be poised into throught much to the effect of: Did some local board officials meet with local family-run or friend-run contracting companies to funnel money into inflated cost construction?

This while the City is decommissioning our children’s playgrounds and parks. Shutting down elementary schools and cramming children into larger, already over-utilized schools (or schools which are now over utilized). When will the time come when we the taxpayers as parents and sufferers of this type of misconduct and misallocation or misuse of funds forcefully step in to say no more?

You know I am tired of: adults making jobs for themselves at the cost of the children. This includes over-staffing and Administration top-heavy departments. Its getting just like government and non-profit now: In order to deliver one service from one coffer there are too many bodies and associated costs pulled from that coffer and the resulting distribution of funds is miniscule comparitively to the sum that may have been delivered with a better man-power solution.

Oh well. Just adding to the downfall of Rupert. May the construction companies contracted for the repairs be blessed in their heavy payouts - and pass some of those earnings around in the community.

How exactly does a school or it’s youth do $390,000 a year in damage? And, why wasn’t there a coordinated strategy to address ongoing repair bills in a more efficient manner?

I guess it wasnt designed to withstand the rain. Probably designed by some firm in some relatively dry state :stuck_out_tongue:

At least its getting fixed!!!

That’s great news, portions of the school were in rough shape.
The book room, the weight room, they’re in terrible condition.

I can only comment on those, but from the look of those two rooms and in such close proximity to each other, there’s bound to be other defects in the structure.