7.7 earthquake in Craig Alaska

Another quake in our neck of the woods
earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/ … mg5a94.php

Tsunami advisory/warning information


I was curled up on the couch and for an instant my plants and lamps were moving and my cat is none too pleased. Didn’t feel the last one but felt the earth move this time !!

I felt it too!!!

we have a Tsunami warning and just heard on the coast Guard Radio…

Those with twitter accounts can access info at


Yes, checked the site linked and tsunami warning has been issued for Tofino at 3;15 am, wonder how long BC will take to issue it this time? Nothing on TV !

RCMP are making there rounds to the lower parts of Prince Rupert giving warnings…

Okay so I am not going crazy I felt it too… the chair i was sitting moved, I thought being over tired tonight I was imagining it

Tsunami travel time graphs

twitter.com/NWS_WCATWC/status/28 … 16/photo/1

And more info from tsunami warning centre


Bulletin from warning centre

wcatwc.arh.noaa.gov/events/PAAQ/ … WEAK51.txt

Tsunami propagation map

twitter.com/NWS_WCATWC/status/28 … 28/photo/1

A 4.7 aftershock just reported at 1:27 am

earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/ … 00ejr6.php

Listening to the scanner and RCMP going door to door along Water and Beach and checking all the docks and marinas. Still nothing on TV !

Its weird last time it was all over the news very fast…

A tsunami has been generated lower parts of Rupert will be evacuated to higher grounds

it’ll be like last time and nothing happens,

it’s been canceled… back to bed everyone hahah
earthquake-report.com/2013/01/05 … in-effect/

[quote=“brah”]it’s been canceled… back to bed everyone hahah
earthquake-report.com/2013/01/05 … in-effect/[/quote]

Actually, as of 230 we were still under a tsunami warning, it was only cancelled for southern BC coastal regions

Was cancelled however at 3am

If someone gets a chance, maybe give the Northern View a call in the morning, they seemed somehow to miss all the excitement tonight! They could list the event as Breaking news, even if it’s been “broken” for about four hours now.

Ah they could do what they did last time. Just change the date and time on their posted news story, so they can claim to have reported it first.

It was brief and just noticeable where I live on the East end. Igot up and looked out and seen nothing. I then looked at my sleeping tom cat who was alerted before I felt the last one or heard it, and he never even flinched. The time was 1 A.M.

Noon hour passes and nothing on the quake on the northern view site, guess news is a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday kind of thing here. Maybe the publisher will make mention of it in his next offering.

Silent night. Slept through tremors and tsunami threat where had we known we would have taken action for ourselves and our family. Our city must improve our emergency response. I have suggestions.
First, as emergency workers travel to downtown during their callout , they could honk their vehicle horns three blasts at a time. That would indicate a community hazard. We citizens could find out what was going on and put our family plan into action. We could help our neighbours. An informed populace is a calm populace. This would be a community wake-up call including the folk with limited access to social media.
Second, rather than bulldoze Kanata and Westview schools these spaces could be used for emergencies. Both of them have the advantage of high ground, no power lines nearby, and open grounds without threatening trees.
Third, look for other radio signals besides CBC. With their limited funds they cannot supply timely information. With a good radio you can get other stations including excellent broadcasting from our private broadcasters.
Last, read the info in our phone book on emergencies. See pages 37-38 in the new telephone book. Take action today.
Coincidentally, yesterday I was repacking our “Go!” bag for the car. Today in the house I will screw the bookcases to the walls. And I will still plan on highest ground possible following Craig, Alaska’s example: now its at least 125 feet.
Finally, I expect our school district staff, those fine folk from maintenance,to do a walk around to confirm no damage in our schools. It just makes sense.